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Best Snowboard Padded Shorts - Top 4

by Jim Bartlett June 15, 2016

Finding the Best Snowboard Padded Shorts for You

As you can see, there are a dozens of snowboarding padded shorts on the market. It can be difficult to figure out which pair will fit you most comfortably and best protect you when you’re out on your snowboard. Our article on How to Choose: Snowboard Padded Shorts in our Snowboard Gear Guide gives you a good idea of what to look for in a pair of snowboard padded shorts. But if you’re wondering what the best snowboard padded shorts are, read on. We gathered 8 of our most popular snowboarding padded shorts and compared them based on:

  • pad design
  • pad placement
  • pad construction
  • length
  • and, of course, price

Some similarities across the board—basic black is the color of the day (with occasional splashes of color in logos or high-tech pads) and all of them feature a base material of lightweight, breathable stretch fabric. Each of these snowboard padded shorts can and will protect you the event of a fall. Which one you choose is a matter of figuring out what is most important to you and matching your personal priorities to the right model of padded shorts. For a quick comparison, check out the table at the bottom of this page.

Vigilante Tech Padded Shorts

Vigilante Tech Padded ShortsVigilante Tech Padded Shorts are notably lightweight (8.8 ounces) and low profile. The half-inch pads are shaped, cut, and designed to move along with your body without bending or crushing, while the breathable, wick-able mesh fabric sandwiches the foam padding, moving air and keeping you comfortable. There’s also a flexible 3M plastic tailbone shield sandwiched in-between foam pads for triple-density tailbone protection. Don’t feel like advertising the fact that you’re wearing snowboard/ski padded shorts? Try the Vigilante Tech, one of the best snowboard padded shorts we carry.

PADS: Half-inch pads cover upper quads, hips, glutes, tailbone; shaped and cut to move along with your body without bending or crushing

LENGTH: Mid-thigh

  • High-grade breathable, wickable mesh fabric; Quick-Dri gusset
  • Boxer-style waistband
  • Double-stitching for maximum durability
  • Available in men's cuts and women’s cuts

Crash Pads 2500 Padded Shorts

Crash  Pads 2500 Padded ShortsCrash Pads 2500 padded shorts are among our top-selling padded shorts, and it’s no wonder. They are designed to provide professional-grade protection for your hips, quads, buttocks, and tailbone and can be used for snowboarding, skiing, skateboarding, inline skating, or hockey. They’re comfortable and low-profile enough that you really don’t feel like you’re wearing padding. The Crash Pads 2500 padded shorts are a great upgrade for more advanced snowboarders or when you’re ready for harder tricks or more aggressive riding.

PADS: Articulated, thermal-formed, soft-shell foam padding to protect hips, quads, buttocks, and tailbone

LENGTH: Top of knee
  • Removable, combination hard/soft-shell triangular insert for additional tailbone protection
  • Four-way stretch breathable Lycra material for maximum freedom of movement
  • Six-panel design for a perfect fit
  • Heavy-duty spandex waistband

Triple Eight Bumsaver Padded Shorts

Triple Eight Bumsaver Padded ShortsTriple 8 Bumsavers Padded Shorts are lightweight, low profile, and comfortable. They feature half-inch, bone-shaped foam pads that cover your hips and outer thighs as well as your tailbone. They’re equally protective for snow or skate sports and super-affordable. If you can only afford one pair of padded shorts, the Triple Eight Bumsavers will do nicely.

PADS: ½ inch shock-absorbing EVA foam pads cover hips, outside of thighs, tailbone
LENGTH: Mid-thigh
  • Lightweight, breathable mesh fabric
  • Very soft, boxer-style waist band
  • Low-profile
  • Recommended for inline skating, rollerblading, skateboarding, or snowboarding
  • Please note: These pads can either fit loose, with some movement in the shorts, or fit tight like a spandex bike short.

Crash Pads 2200 Padded Pants

Crash Pads 2200 Padded PantsCrash Pads 2200 Padded Pants are full-length padded snowboard pants constructed with a moisture-wicking thermal fabric that keeps you warm on even the coldest days. You get quality protection for your hips, quads, knees, buttocks, and tailbone. Crash Pads 2200 padded pants preclude the need for knee pads and are warm enough to do double-duty as your base layer. Two things to remember about them: 1) make sure you get the proper size so that all of the pads are properly in place (especially the knee pads). 2)These are meant to fit snugly; roll them on (like stockings) instead of just hoisting them up like pants.

PADS: Half-inch and 5/8-inch semi-articulated, thermal-formed, high-density foam protection for your hips, quads, knees/upper shins, buttocks, and tailbone
LENGTH: Full-length pants
  • Four-way stretch, Thermal Powder thermal moisture-wicking fabric for maximum warmth, durability, and comfort
  • Six-panel design that form-designed to fit any anatomy
  • Heavy-duty spandex waistband to ensure waist-tight fit

Pad Design Pad Placement Pad Material Length Price
Vigilante Tech Padded Shorts 1/2 inch pads shaped to move with your body Upper quads, hips, glutes, tailbone EVA foam/plastic tailbone shield encased in foam Mid-thigh $75-$100
Triple 8 Bumsavers Bone-shaped pads Hips, outer thigh, tailbone EVA foaml Mid-thigh Under$50
Crash Pads 2500 Shorts Articulated thermal-formed padding Hips, quads, buttocks, tailbone EVA foam Hits just above knee $75-$100
Crash Pads 2200 Pants Articulated 1/2-inch pads Side hip, side leg, front hip pointers, sitz bones, and knees/upper shins EVA foam Pant length (insulated) $75-$10

Jim Bartlett
Jim Bartlett


Founder of XSportsProtective, snowboarder, mountain biker, father of four young kids who love action sports.

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