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Giro Helmet Fit Systems - Explained

by Jim Bartlett June 15, 2016

Giro Helmets Fit Systems - Explained

Giro has some of the broadest bicycle helmet and ski helmet product lines on the market. You’ll notice that different helmets feature different fit systems. But with so many options, it can be difficult to know which fit system is which. We hope this handy guide will help you when you’re trying to decide which Giro helmet is right for you.

Giro Super Fit Engineering

Giro’s Super Fit engineering process is the foundation of every Giro helmet—bicycle helmet, ski helmet, or snowboard helmet. Every model is scaled and shaped for its intended wearer using a database of cranial measurements and rider input compiled from hundreds of people large and small, young and old, from around the world. The company claims that its Super Fit sizes will comfortably fit 98% of the world’s population. Several ski racing helmets don't use a fit system and instead rely only on the Super Fit engineering process to give you a proper-fitting helmet. These helmets are made in many different sizes to ensure you get a proper fit, without having to rely on an adjustable fit system.

Giro Fit Kit Pad System: Sometimes the simplest solution is the best

Giro’s Fit Kit Pad System allows you to adjust the fit of your helmet in only a few seconds, without the need for any tools. The Fit Pad Kit System comes with pads of varying thickness. Simply choose the best combination of pads and put them into the helmet. The Fit Kit Pad System is especially useful for growing kids.

Giro In-Form Fit System

Giro In-Form Fit SystemThe In-Form Fit System is a design that enables you to customize the fit of your Giro helmet to the unique shape of your head, even while you’re wearing gloves. The Giro In-Form Fit System has a flexible pad at the base of the back of the helmet that conforms to your head shape. Outrigger arms extend from the pad forward towards the front of the helmet, allowing the whole unit to rotate/pivot when you adjust the vertical height or dial in the fit. The helmet liner and the top of the fit system pad have a series of snaps that allow you to adjust the vertical positioning of the fit system. So you can customize the fit to your head shape, your goggles, or even whether got a buzz cut since the last time you wore you Giro helmet.

Giro RocLoc5 Fit System

Giro RocLoc5 Fit SystemGiro’s Roc Loc 5 Fit System provides weight savings without compromising comfort, stability or adjustability. The RocLoc 5 fit system allows you to easily customize the fit tension and fore-aft tile of you helmet in seconds using two fingers. The Micro Dial turns both ways to loosen or tighten the tension, and each click is audible. The strap basket on the Roc Loc 5 Fit System keeps the straps firmly in place. Plus, the Roc Loc 5 is nearly 40% lighter than comparable systems.

Giro AcuDial Fit System

Giro AcuDial Fit SystemGiro’s original AcuDial Fit System combines the ease of single-handed adjustment with a full 360-degree fit band for a quick stable fit. Plus, it’s ponytail compatible for riders with longer hair.

Giro AcuDial 2 Fit System

Giro AcuDial 2 Fit SystemThe enhanced AcuDial 2 Fit System features the convenience of single-handed adjustment with multiple fit belt anchor points. This system provides a wider and finer range of adjustment for maximum comfort. Like the AcuDial System, it’s ponytail compatible for riders with longer hair. 

Giro AutoLoc Fit System

Giro AutoLoc Fit System Giro’s AutoLoc Fit System is a durable, self-adjusting system that’s designed to simplify the process of fitting and wearing a helmet. By combining a supple elastic fit band at the back of the helmet with fixed position straps, the Auto Loc Fit System automatically adjusts to cradle your head once you set it to one of three circumference settings. You don’t need to turn a dial or make adjustments to accommodate capts or beanies when the weather changes. The AutoLoc Fit System also helps to position the helmet properly.


Giro OneStep Fit System

Giro OneStep Fit SystemGiro’s OneStep self-adjusting fit system is designed to take the hassle out of fitting kids’ helmets. The OneStep system combines a supple, elastic fit band with fixed-position straps and automatically adjusts to fit the child. The OneStep also helps to keep the helmet properly positioned.

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