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How To Choose 7iDP Body Armor

by Douglas DiLillo March 16, 2017

How To Choose 7iDP Body Armor

7iDP was formed by seven mountain bike riders who all value the same thing, intelligently designed protection. Recently, we discussed 7iDP limb pads and how to choose to best fit your riding and protection needs.

7iDP's limb pads and body armor work in conjunction with each other. Like the limb pads, the body armor is labeled Transition, Control or Flex and what separates them is their level of protection and the impact material of which they are constructed. 

Transition Body Armor

7iDP's Transition line is made up of lightweight products that don't hamper your riding style. Like the Elbow and Knee pads, 7iDP's Transition Suit is lighter than their Control line of hard shell protection. The 7iDP Transition suit comes in both long and short sleeve and offers a combination of protection for much of your upper body. 

7iDP Transition Suit

The Transition suit is the best way to protect your back, chest, and shoulders without being weighed down by heavy, cumbersome padding. The long sleeve version also includes removable elbow pads. Both version's removable pads consist of Sastech impact hardening material. Soft to the touch, Sastech pads will harden when exposed to a hard impact or surface. Sastech pads are lightweight but offer excellent protection in the event an impact occurs. The chest pad is made of double polygon soft foam that covers from arm to arm on most riders. 

Where the 7iDP Transition suit really shines is its back protection. The Curv flexible rear spine protector is heavy duty and has both soft shell material and an outer impact hard shell. It also protects both the upper and lower back, which can be a rarity in body armor. The broad back protector is removable if you'd like to ride without it, or can be taken out to wash. 

7iDP Transition Suit Back Protector

One of the best features of the Transition suit is its compatibility with Leatt Neck Braces. Both the front pad and back protector have removable Velcro portions that when removed, offer integration with the chest supports and rear thoracic strut of a Leatt DBX Neck Brace (4.5,5.5 or 6.5 models).

Many riders like to wear neck protection but struggle to find accompanying body armor that allows for a seamless integration and fit. 7iDP's Transition suit is a great option for the Mountain Biker and BMX rider who wants lightweight protection to go with their Leatt DBX neck brace. 

Control Body Armor

On the opposite side of the Transition Suit, is the 7iDP Control Suit. A clamshell design body armor that offers maximum protection due to its hard shell impact material. Like the Control Knee and Elbow pads, the Control Suit features the Curv hard impact material. 

7iDP Control SuitThe chest portion of the Control Suit does not have hard shell padding. Instead, it features well ventilated double polygon soft foam to reduce weight. Two stretch Velcro closures secure the back plate and the chest padding to the rider. Curv technology is hard to the touch but smooth, so impacts slide off without as much force. The Control Suit has hard shell Curv pads at the shoulders, but they can be removed to offer customizable protection. 

When it comes to back defense, the Control Suit offers maximum protection with a flexible hard shell combo armored piece. The inside is comfortable and soft, while the outside has the hard shell finish that elevates protection. 

Like the Transition suit, the hard shell Control suit also has the added compatibility of integrating with a Leatt neck brace seamlessly. The front and back have Velcro cut outs that can be removed when adding a DBX neck brace. 

Flex Body Armor

The last body armor option provided by 7iDP is in their Flex line. The Flex Body Protector combines shoulder, back, and chest protection with the added benefits of five pockets.

7iDP Flex Body ArmorThe back protector is very minimal compared to the other 7iDP options. It is very thin and does not offer any compatibility to a neck brace. It is removable, however, and can be replaced by a liquid bladder for hydration while riding.

The shoulder pads in the Flex Body Protector are removable and made of 7iDP's Sastech material. It will harden on impact before returning to its original form. The chest pad is small in comparison to the Transition suit. It is made of polygon soft impact foam but does not stretch from arm to arm. 

The Flex Body Armor does include pockets which can be very useful to riders. Often a mountain biker won't be able to carry all the necessities they might want on a ride. The added pockets offer the option to carry more and ride longer. They line the lower back of the armor, under the back protector.

 Which Should You Choose

When it comes to 7iDP body armor, the rider will have to choose which armor best fits their needs and budget. 7iDP has done a great job with their three lines, Transition, Control and Flex and each body armor has limb pads that will fit those needs as well. 

If a rider goes hard but hates heavier, bulky hard shell padding, we would recommend the Transition Suit. While some riders might enjoy the more lightweight options, they may feel most comfortable with the peace of mind of maximum protection via the hard shell Control Suit. If a rider is just starting up, or taking a more relaxed approach, the minimal protection and pockets of the Flex Body Armor might be their best option.

No matter which best fits their needs, 7iDP has rolled out great products that will work well for any buyer. Their body armor, limb pads, and even their helmets are causing riders to take notice.

Now that you have a better understanding of 7iDP body armor...

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Douglas DiLillo
Douglas DiLillo


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