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Top Picks: Full Face Helmets for MTB and BMX Under $100

by Carson Shopify May 11, 2017

Top Picks: Full Face Helmets for MTB and BMX Under $100

Full face helmets for mountain bike and BMX are like any other product you purchase. When deciding which to buy, you can go modest or go lavish. Often your eventual choice depends on your budget. What you are willing or able to spend will usually end up making the decision for you. But just because you might not be willing to spend a full week's paycheck on a full face helmet doesn't mean you can't find some value. 

Under $100 price tag is usually a rarity for full face helmets, but it is possible. Not every helmet we offer at SportsProtective is going to cost you a pretty penny. We do have some solid full face helmets that will stay under $100 and do the ultimate job just fine, to keep you or your family safe. 

We are going to discuss some value picks that will give you that full face protection, without sending your bank account into a state of shock. Here are some solid picks at under $100. 

Bell Sanction Full Face Helmet

The Bell Sanction Full Face Helmet for mountain bike and BMX has been around for a while. It is a helmet that was originally created for youth riders, but because of popularity, was scaled up to fit adults.

Bell Sanction Full Face Helmet for Mountain Bike and BMX

For the price, under $75, the Bell Sanction has some features that help it stand out. First, a hand laminated fiberglass shell has a great graphic story but will also help with weight and protection. Fiberglass allows the helmet to be much lighter than other materials; the Sanction weighs 900g (1.98lbs) for a size large which is rather light. While lighter, Fiberglass is also thought to offer more protection than other materials. 

One thing that stands out about the Bell Sanction Full Face Helmet is how comfortable the inner comfort liner is. It feels plusher than other helmets that are comparable in price. This could be a benefit if you or your child are riding for an extended period. While the liner seems pretty comfortable, it is not removable, which may detract some buyers as they like to be able to remove their liner for cleaning. 

To go with increased comfort, the Bell Sanction has 15 vents for good airflow. No matter who this helmet is for, there won't be a lack of good air circulation as it has its fair share of intake and output vents to help keep the helmet cool. 

One drawback of the Bell Sanction and some of the other helmets we will discuss is that it is not ASTM-1952 certified for downhill mountain biking. While this is a voluntary test, some helmet brands make sure their helmets meet this certification, as some riders will want their helmet to have it for peace of mind. 

7iDP M1 Full Face Helmet

A helmet that has gotten a lot of praise from us has been the 7iDP M1 Full Face Helmet. We love this piece of headgear here at SportsProtective, and if you are looking for a solid value pick, it won't steer you wrong.

7iDP M1 Full Face Helmet for Mountain Bike and BMX

The M1 has a polycarbonate outer shell and an EPP liner for solid impact protection. The build also keeps the M1 lightweight at 900g (1.98lbs), so it won't be a burden while riding for extended periods of time. 

Ventilation with the M1 is solid, with 17 mesh covered vents. Some riders may prefer the mesh venting as it can help keep out debris. Inner channeling also contributes to dispelling hot air to keep riders cool.

We also noticed that the 7iDP M1 Full Face Helmet has good compatibility with Leatt DBX Neck Braces. A feature that is always a plus for riders who want to take their protection to the next level. 

While the M1 has some good value for the price, like the Sanction, it is not ASTM-1952 downhill certified which might leave those riders looking for a helmet with that distinction. Another drawback is the comfort liner isn't removable for easy cleaning, but overall, if a value is what you are after, the 7iDP M1 is a solid choice. 

Kali Zoka Slash Full Face Helmet

What is the first thing you will notice about the Kali Zoka Slash Full Face Helmet? Just how incredible the graphics are. What a rad helmet Kali has come up with for under $100.

A polycarbonate shell and an ABS inner liner offer reliable protection. The inner comfort liner isn't the best, but it will do for riders looking for a bargain. The Kali Zoka Slash has inner channeling and 12 ventilation ports, including six on the chin bar for solid air intake.

Another plus, something that the other two helmets mentioned do not feature, is a removable comfort liner. While this might not be something riders worry about during initial purchase, the ability to remove and wash your comfort liner is a huge plus. Nothing is worse than a helmet that is being overused without being able to give it a proper cleaning.

Like the other helmets involved in this piece, the Kali Zoka Slash does not meet the ASTM-1952 downhill standard. So take that into consideration when purchasing a full face helmet. 


As you can see, it is possible to find a full face helmet in your price range, even if it is under $100.

Be advised, however, that while these helmets may do the job, you should purchase the helmet that is right for you. If you are someone who is going to be doing a significant amount of aggressive downhill riding, these helmets would not be our recommendation. Shop our other full face helmets to find the one that best serves your needs. 

These helmets are value picks, but they will lack some significant features. Slip plane technology, such as MIPS, will not be included in any of these helmets. A significant safety benefit, MIPS is something most riders want in their helmets.  

No matter your needs or your budget, we are here to help you get the right gear for your sport. From helmets under $100 to body armor or neck braces, we can assist you in staying safe while having fun.  

Shop these Top Helmet Picks For Bike Season! 

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Carson Shopify
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