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Top Picks: Full Face Helmets with Good Neck Brace Compatibility for MTB and BMX

by Douglas DiLillo May 04, 2017

Top Picks: Full Face Helmets with Good Neck Brace Compatibility for MTB and BMX

Your protective gear may come from a bunch of different brands, but for mountain bike and BMX riders, compatibility within your equipment is important. 

 Maybe in some aspect, reliable integration can be overlooked, but when it comes to full face helmets and MTB and BMX neck braces, you are going to want products that can work well together.  

At SportsProtective, we offer Leatt Neck Braces. We believe they offer the most advanced and trustworthy neck braces for mountain bike and BMX. Since the first Leatt neck brace was sold in 2004, Leatt has continuously tested and made significant improvements to their groundbreaking technology. 

Technically, according to Leatt, their DBX neck braces for MTB and BMX can be worn with any full face helmet. We offer a plethora of models when it comes to full face helmets for mountain bike and BMX, but we decided to give our picks for the helmets that are most compatible with the Leatt DBX neck braces. 

Whether it is because of their design or shape, some helmets seem to integrate with the neck brace better than others. Here are a few of our picks, if you are looking for solid full face helmet and Leatt DBX neck brace integration. 

7iDP M1 Full Face Helmet

We talk about the 7iDP M1 full face helmet a lot and rightfully so.

7iDP M1 Full Face Helmet for Mountain Bike and BMX

For the price, there isn't a better helmet out there with this value at under $100. The M1 obviously doesn't offer every bell and whistle a $300 helmet might have, but for the cost, it is a protective full face helmet that has an awesome graphics story and will do the job for mountain bike and BMX. 

It has a lightweight polycarbonate shell and an EPP inner liner for added safety. 17 meshed covered ventilation ports do a solid job of circulating air, and an adjustable visor doesn't need tools, which makes it easy to use. 

It doesn't provide any slip-plane technology, however, such as MIPS, and that might keep some riders from pulling the trigger. But if you are looking for value in a full face helmet, the M1 is a solid choice. 

When it comes to compatibility with a Leatt neck brace, the low profile design of the M1 seems to help make the two a solid match. Anyone looking for good integration with their neck brace won't have any problems with 7iDP's M1 full face helmet. It will do the job and won't break the bank. 

Giro Switchblade

It is rare to downright impossible to find full face helmets for mountain bike these days that separate themselves from all the rest. 

Giro Switchblade Full Face Helmet For Mountain Bike and BMX

Your options for lightweight or well-ventilated helmets are endless, but what about a helmet that really offers something different? 

Behold the Giro Switchblade full face helmet for mountain bike and BMX. A bike helmet with a removable chin bar, it truly is a feature very few other helmets can boast. Yes, some other helmets out there have this technology, but the thing that sets the Giro Switchblade apart is that with or without the chin bar, the Switchblade is ASTM-1952 certified for downhill mountain biking.

This function gives the Switchblade excellent versatility. The ability to wear the helmet full face (with a Leatt neck brace) during downhill runs or without the chin bar during more trail riding or enduro, gives buyers an excellent choice to take care of all their bike helmet needs with one purchase. 

Not only is the Giro Switchblade versatile, it has all the added features that check off every box for a rider. It is lightweight at 975g and very well ventilated with 20 big air ports for quality circulation. Most importantly, it has MIPS technology, a dual-layer internal lining system that rotates with the rider's head on impact. MIPS gives an added level of safety that is craved by most buyers and is proven via testing to help limit brain trauma caused by rotational forces. 

When it comes to compatibility, the Giro Switchblade (when full face) has an excellent shape that allows for easy integration with Leatt neck braces. The back shape is curved in just the right way that it makes impact with the back of the neck brace's striking platform without causing any issues. Remember, the Switchblade should not be worn with a neck brace if the chin bar isn't attached. Neck braces must be worn with a full face helmet. 

The Giro Switchblade is a solid choice for any buyer. With its incredible list of added features, its versatility and its solid compatibility with Leatt DBX neck braces, at under $250 the Switchblade is a "cut" above the rest. 

Leatt DBX 5.0 V12

Other full face helmets will work and even work well, but nothing is guaranteed to work better with a Leatt DBX neck brace for mountain bike and BMX than their own designed full face offering.

Leatt DBX 5.0 V12 Full Face Helmet for Mountain Bike and BMXThe Leatt DBX 5.0 V12 full face helmet is one of our favorites. Not only does it look and feel incredible, but this lightweight helmet works seamlessly with DBX neck braces. Its shell is carved to fit like a puzzle piece in the front, back and even the sides when in contact with the neck brace's strike platform. It truly is the best option when trying to find a helmet that will integrate well with Leatt's DBX neck braces. 

Aside from its flawless compatibility, the Leatt DBX 5.0 V12 has 22 air vents for great airflow and also weighs in at under 1000g. The inside liner is very comfortable for extended riding and feels plush to the touch. The Leatt DBX 5.0 V12 is light, well vented, comfortable and goes in tandem with any Leatt DBX neck brace out there.

When it comes to added safety measures like slip-plane technology, the innovators at Leatt have come up with a revolutionary system called 360 turbine technology. Small, blue rings made of armourgel impact material line the inside of the helmet, helping to cushion and rotate with forces to help keep riders from brain injury. Research by Leatt shows that it can help keep riders safer than an ordinary bike helmet. 

At under $400 dollars, the Leatt DBX 5.0 V12 is a pick not only because of its own excellent features, but because Leatt is about excellent integration within its products. So while other helmets will work great with Leatt's DBX neck braces, they knew exactly the right design needed for flawless helmet to brace integration. 

Make Helmet and Neck Brace Compatibility a Priority. Shop These Full Face Helmet Picks!

Douglas DiLillo
Douglas DiLillo


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