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BMX Ankle Guards

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Keep hitting the cranks in the wrong place? Try a BMX ankle guard

You may not know the name of the little rounded bony prominence that sticks out on either side of your ankle (it’s called the malleolus), but you sure know it when you hit it with the crank. A BMX ankle brace can protect you from those inadvertent hits. Plus, if you’ve had ankle injuries in the past, a BMX ankle brace can help stabilize your ankle to prevent future injury.

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No matter your choice of ankle protection for BMX biking, we stand behind every product we sell and will work together with you to get you the right protection. We offer a great selection—in stock—from brands you trust, and with no hassle returns. Complete your outfit with other BMX protective gear, like a helmet, elbow pads, padded shorts, neck brace, knee pads, shin guards and gloves. Whether you’re an experienced racer or about to hit the pedals for the first time, we're here to help.