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BMX Knee Pads

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Protect your knees and ride on...dirt, vert, street

Whether you ride BMX on the street, on a ramp, or race in the dirt, a good pair of BMX knee pads will protect your knees from impacts and abrasions. What type of BMX knee pad you chose will definitely depend on what type of riding your doing. BMX racers will want a very low profile, slim, light weight pad. If you're doing vert tricks, your knees need something more than that. It doesn’t matter if the ramp is made of concrete or wood, when you crash you’re going to want more protection. If you're on the street or skate park, you may want knees pads that are stealthy enough to wear underneath your jeans. SportsProtective has BMX knee pads from brands you know and trust, like SixSixOne, Troy Lee Designs, Triple 8, and ProTec. Learn more about BMX knee pads below...

What kind of BMX knee pads do I need?

Knee pads for action sports are kind of like tacos, you can get hard shell or soft shell. Both types of pads have some sort of Neoprene or other soft, flexible sleeve and EVA foam padding to protect the kneecap and the area surrounding it. If you’re doing BMX street riding and want to add some low-profile protection under your jeans, go with the soft shell. If you’re doing vert riding, you’ll need a hard-shell BMX knee pad. BMX dirt racers may want a combo knee/shin guard.

A hard-shell BMX knee pad

  • Has an ABS plastic shell riveted or Velcroed to the front of the knee area
  • Provides greater protection than a soft-shell BMX pad
  • Offers more durability than a soft-shell knee pad (the ABS plastic shell won’t rip or tear no matter how many times you slide or fall on it)

A soft-shell BMX knee pad

  • Will have some sort of Kevlar or other abrasion-resistant panel over the front of the knee area
  • Does not provide as much impact protection as a hard-shell knee pad
  • Is smaller and lighter than a hard-shell knee pad, so you can wear it under your pants
  • The panel covering the knee area is not as durable as the plastic cap on the hard-shell BMX knee pad and may eventually rip or tear

How do you want to put on your BMX knee pads?

One of the things to consider before you purchase BMX knee pads is whether you want to be able to put them on without removing your shoes or not. There are two basic designs: BMX knee pads that slip on or those that close in the back (often called a butterfly closure). Slip-on knee pads slide up your leg to your knee. This design is more commonly found in soft-shell guards, less expensive knee pads, knee (or elbow) gaskets, and youth-sized pads. BMX knee pads with a butterfly closure wrap around your knee so you can put them on and take them off without removing your shoes. The butterfly closure design is typically found in hard shell knee pads and more robust and/or more expensive knee pads.

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