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Advanced neck protection for BMX racers 

No matter if you're a BMX racer or a downhill mountain biker, injuries to the neck and spinal cord are serious business. If you're doing any sort of aggressive racing, consider the added protection of a Leatt neck brace. Read more...

BMX Neck Braces for the more serious racers

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Neck braces are a relatively recent addition to BMX racing protective gear, but cross over from the motocross world, where neck braces have been embraced for many years. Some riders feel they don't need it. Whether neck protection is right for you depends on the type of riding you're doing, where you're riding, and how you ride. A neck brace restricts any extreme movement of your neck during a crash. In other words, it prevents your head from tilting too far forward, backward, or to the side, all of which can damage the spinal cord. A spinal cord injury can, at best, keep you off the bike for six to eight weeks or, at worst, put you in a wheelchair. Why take the risk of serious injury? The best BMX neck braces are here and ready to ship to your door.

Wonder how your neck brace will fit with your bicycle body armor?

We've started a series of tests looking at the interaction between different pieces of protective gear. Check out our article on bicycle neck brace and armor compatibility to see how a Leatt neck brace works with different models of body armor.