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BMX Padded Shorts

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Guard your hips and tailbone while you ride

When you biff a jump or a trick and fall down hard, what’s going to hurt more, your pride or your arse? BMX padded shorts with hip and tailbone padding may not be able to help in the pride department, but a good pair of hip pads can help prevent or minimize an injury so you can get back up and try it again. Different BMX disciplines demand different levels/types of protection, but no doubt a street rider, vert jumper, or dirt racer can all benefit from tailbone and hip protection that you'll find in a good quality pair of BMX padded shorts.  Learn more about BMX padded shorts / hip pads...

BMX padded shorts - What’s the difference?

Padded BMX shorts typically have padding to protect your quads, hips, and tailbone when you fall or crash. While you may throw on an old pair of cargo shorts or jeans if you’re just noodling around in your driveway, you might want to throw on some BMX padded shorts under your clothes if you’re doing dirt jumping, BMX racing, or vert riding. Not only will you be protected, you’ll probably be more comfortable too. A regular pair of shorts or jeans has a seam on the crotch where the legs are sewn together. While this seam may look thin and inconsequential, after sitting on a bike seat for several hours, you’ll feel it, and it won’t be comfortable. While padded shorts for road riding are comfortable on long rides, they don’t protect your hips, quads, and tailbone the way a pair of BMX padded shorts will.