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Crash Pads

Crash Pads: technically designed and tailored for snowboarding, mountain biking, roller derby, and more!

When you wear Crash Pads shorts and body armor, you're wearing protection that is anatomically designed to allow maximum freedom of movement while protecting yourself from bumps, bruises, and injuries. Crash Pads are made differently, and you will feel it the moment you put them on. Learn more about Crash Pads padded shorts and body armor below.

What makes Crash Pads padded shorts and Crash Pads body armor so comfortable?

Crash Pads makes a range of protective gear, from snowboard pants and padded shorts to roller derby shorts to padded bike shorts to body armor. The company takes great pains to design specific products for the needs of specific sports. Although many Crash Pads padded shorts or Crash Pads body armor can and do cross over several sports, Crash Pads recognizes that each sport has specific needs relating to the shape of the body, the area of the body most vulnerable in a certain sport, and the type of movement being performed during the activity. For that reason, you’ll find that the pads on the Crash Pads 2700 roller derby padded shorts are placed a little differently than those on the Crash Pads 1300 bicycle padded shorts: Derby players have different safety needs than mountain bikers or BMXers. All Crash Pads protective gear have some features in common, including:
  • Non-restrictive, non-plastic design
  • Abrasion- and impact-resistant padding provides outerwear durability
  • Half-inch inch thick thermal formed, scored, flame-bonded, high-density foam
  • Technical moisture management fabric

XSportsProtective staff picks for Crash Pads protective gear

Crash Pads 2500 padded shorts, sometimes called Crash Pads ProPants, are among our top-selling padded shorts. With excellent soft-shell protection for your hips, quads, buttocks, and tailbone, Crash Pads 2500 padded shorts offer professional-level protection at a price well within reason for recreational athletes. Some features of the Crash Pads 2500 shorts:
  • Removable, combination hard/soft-shell triangular insert for additional tailbone protection
  • Four-way stretch breathable Lycra material for maximum freedom of movement
  • Six-panel design for a perfect fit
  • Heavy-duty spandex waistband
  • Hits at the top of the knee
  • Half-inch soft pads for moderate or aggressive activity
  • Unisex sizing for men, women, and children
Crash Pads 2700 roller derby shorts take the best features of the Crash Pads 2500 and puts them into a roller derby-specific style with a lower waist, higher cut, and an increased focus on the tailbone and outside hips. Other features of Crash Pads 2700 derby-specific padded shorts:
  • Articulated, thermal-formed, soft-shell foam padding to protect quads and tailbone
  • Four-way stretch breathable Lycra material for maximum freedom of movement
  • Six-panel design for a perfect fit
  • Reinforced Spandex waistband
  • Half-inch thick foam padding, scored to provide better flexibility
  • Cut short to fit under your skirt or shorts

About Crash Pads

Crash Pads is dedicated to making protective gear that is flexible and lightweight, but won’t restrict any of your athletic mobility. As a company, Crash Pads is the quintessential small business success story. Back in 1992 in the beautiful river town of Astoria, Oregon, a woman teaching herself to inline skate got tired of the bruises she suffered every time she wiped out. For her own self-preservation, she began to stitch foam pads into her clothing. Through trial and error, her designs became increasingly more sophisticated. Thus was born Crash Pads, one of the very first manufacturers of body armor in the United States. More than two decades later, every piece of protective gear the company designs is still manufactured in the United States (though no longer at this enterprising woman’s kitchen table).