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Downhill or any aggressive mountain biking demands split second decision making. Vision clarity and protection are crucial. Choose goggles with distortion-free lenses, anti fog, and a great field of vision. Learn more about MTB goggles below.

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Do I really need goggles for mountain biking?

Maybe not. If you're doing cross country or single track, your best bet would be a great pair of sport glasses (clear or tinted) that has impact resistant lenses and padded frames.

Things to consider when choosing goggles for MTB

To get where you're going faster than anyone else, you've got to see what you're doing. Lens clarity means no distortion and some type of treatment that fights fogging. A wide field of view is going to keep you out of trouble, so look for designs with great peripheral vision. Don't forget fit and comfort.

Try Them On! - As soon as your get your new goggles, try them on with your helmet. If the goggles you order from SportsProtective don't have a great fit or don't sync well with your helmet, put them right back in the box (before you remove the tags and get them sweaty) and return to us for a full refund.