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Extra Large Skateboard Helmets

Extra Large Skateboard Helmets - r u looking for an extra large skate helmet for your extra large head???

If your head is larger than 61cm or your have a hat size above 7 3/4, you'll likely need an XL skateboard helmet. As the action sports market has evolved, so has the choice of XL and XXL skateboard helmet sizes and styles. More XL skate helmets (and XXL skate helmets) from which to choose gives you a better chance of finding a helmet that fits you comfortably and looks good on your head while you're in the skate park or on the street.

What size head does an XL skateboard helmet fit?

In general:
  • Small size helmets are typically those 53 cm and smaller (6 5/8 hat size)
  • Medium size helmets are generally 54-56 cm (6 3/4 hat size)
  • Large size helmets are generally 57-60 cm (7 1/4 hat size)
  • Extra large skateboard helmets are typically those 61 cm and above (7 3/4 hat size and above)

How to make an XL skate helmet fit properly

One of the problems many people encounter with an extra large helmet is how it sits on their head. Often, an XL sk8 helmet perches on top of your head, leaving the sides relatively unprotected and making you feel that you’re wearing a huge dome on your head. There are a couple of ways to combat this problem:
  • Just about every helmet comes with fit pads. Remove the fit pads on the top of the helmet so that it sits a bit lower on your head
  • Buy a slightly larger helmet and use the thicker fit pads on the sides to give you a snug fit.

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