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Fox Racing Armor

Keep all your moving parts protected with Fox body armor and Fox pads

You have your helmet, but when you start doing more aggressive riding or racing, you need to invest in coverage for the rest of your body. Fox Titan jackets and body armor and Fox Launch pads can give you the protection you need. Learn more about Fox Titan and Fox Launch below.

Fox body armor and Fox pads: Protection you can count on

Fox started out making protective gear for motorcross and has transferred that expertise to making protective gear for mountain biking and BMX. The Fox Titan and Fox Launch lines were developed to provide dependable, comfortable protection at a range of price points to fit the budget of both recreational and professional bikers.

What’s the difference between Fox Launch and Fox Titan gear?

  • The Fox Launch line offers knee, knee/shin, and elbow pads in both a soft-shell (Fox Launch Pro) and hard-shell fit
  • Fox Launch pads have a reputation for being slightly more heavy-duty among our customers
  • Fox Titan pads go to smaller sizes, making them ideal for younger riders
  • The Fox Titan name is also used in upper body armor, like the Fox Titan sport jacket

XSportsProtective staff picks for Fox body armor and Fox pads

The Fox Racing Titan Sport Jacket is one of the most popular pieces of upper body armor out there. Some of the Fox Titan race jacket’s features include:
  • High-impact, vented, two-piece plastic chest plate up front
  • Removable lightweight, articulated spine protector
  • Flexible hard plastic chest, shoulder, bicep and spine protection with ample padding underneath
  • Multiple front and back adjustments
  • Plastic shoulder and elbow guards offer lots of impact protection
  • Velcro waist belt for tailored fit and includes soft foam padding around your kidney area
  • Soft vented mesh fabric

We also like the Fox Launch Knee/Shin Guards, because the ribbed hard-shell kneecaps and hard-shell shin plates are ergonomically curved to match both the bend and shape of your leg, so that you have hard-shell protection on the sides of the knee and shin. Other features of the Fox Launch knee/shin pads:
  • X-Up™ strapping system to prevent twisting or slipping
  • Ribbed hard-shell kneecaps and asymmetrical hard-shell shin plates offer technologically advanced impact protection
  • Vented design allows for easy breathability

Fox Head

Fox Head, Inc. is headquartered in Morgan Hill, CA, with additional offices in Irvine, CA and Newcastle, UK. Fox built its business by developing clothing for high intensity, physically demanding motorsport of motocross and is the most recognized and best selling brand of motocross apparel in the world today. Through sponsoring and working closely with the best riders in the history of the sport, the company has researched and developed race clothing that provides riders with maximum protection and performance and freedom of movement. The company was founded in 1974 when Dr. Geoff Fox, who taught physics at the University of Santa Clara, launched Moto-X Fox, a tiny distribution business for European motocross parts and accessories in a 1,500-square foot building in Campbell, California. Within two years, Moto-X Fox was manufacturing high-performance suspension and engine components for racers looking for an on-track advantage. Today, Fox remains a family-owned and operated business, with the second generation working full-time at the company. During the last three decades, Fox Racing has become an international leader in the youth lifestyle clothing market with its famous Fox Head logo seen worldwide. In doing so, the family has held steadfast to Geoff Fox's original goal of making the best motocross products money can buy. Constant research, development, and fine-tuning goes into Fox race apparel and performance gear. Through the guidance and feedback of Fox's championship-winning athletes, the company continues to lead the charge by utilizing the best technology and design talent available to enhance and optimize the quality, comfort and performance of all of its products. It is through lessons learned through relationships with the best athletes in the world that Fox will continue to create and offer the finest lines of apparel and clothing available today.