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Full Face BMX Helmets

Full Face BMX Helmets: before you hit the park, street or track, get yourself a full face BMX helmet from SportsProtective

Full face BMX helmets are right for you if you’re BMX racing, pulling tricks on a vert ramp, dirt jumping, or doing any aggressive BMX riding. You'll want the extra protection of a BMX full face helmet. Learn more about choosing full-face BMX helmets below. Have a kid who’s into BMX? Be sure to check out our Kids BMX Helmets / Info Center to learn more about kids BMX helmets.

Do I need a full-face BMX helmet?

Whether or not you need a full-face BMX helmet depends on the kind of riding you’ll be doing. The risk of injury is inherent in BMX biking, especially in racing or any type of riding in which you’re going to be airborne (or trying to get air). Choose a BMX full-face helmet if you plan on doing any riding with a high probability of crashing (even the best riders can and will crash). Remember that BMX racing for both kids and adults requires a BMX helmet. The International Cycling Union (UCI) requires full-face BMX helmets in its sanctioned races; open-face helmets are not allowed. USA BMX does not require a full-face BMX helmet, but “strongly recommends” one for racers. So do we.

What makes a full-face BMX helmet different?

A BMX full-face helmet differs from other bicycle helmets in a few distinctive ways.
  • First off is the obvious—your chin, jaw, and mouth are covered. This protects your face and jaw in the event of a crash or fall.
  • Full face BMX helmets also typically cover more of the back of your head than other BMX helmets, which is helpful in the event of a backward fall (like when you eat it on a backflip).
  • Of necessity, full-face BMX helmets are heavier than other bicycle helmets, although advances in materials technology have brought down their weight (and cost).
  • Full Face BMX helmets typically have less venting than open face BMX helmets, and rely on passive as-you-go venting to circulate air through the helmet.
  • Full-face BMX helmets also have movable visors to help shield your eyes and the upper portion of your face.
All bicycle helmets sold in the United States—whether BMX helmets, mountain bike helmets, or road bike helmets—must meet US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) bicycle safety standards. In addition, there is a voluntary ASTM safety standard for BMX helmets. ASTM F2032 covers helmets used for BMX cycling, with most of the testing focus on the chin bar. Lack of this certification does not mean a helmet is unsafe. Going through the certification process adds to the final cost of the helmet, and the certification is not required by USA BMX. Thus, only a handful of full-face BMX helmets carry this certification.

XSportsProtectives staff picks for full-face BMX helmets

The 7iDP M1 Full Face Helmet offers protection at an affordable price. You can't go wrong with the 7iDP M1, which features:
  • 17 meshed covered vents
  • Fully adjustable visor
  • Padded inner liner for comfort
  • Polycarbonate exterior shell and EPS foam liner
  • Wide eye port for maximum peripheral vision

The Fox Rampage Full Face Helmet is a good pick for full-face BMX helmets. Among the Rampage's best features are:
  • Vented fiberglass shell
  • EPS hard foam interior liner
  • 11 mesh covered vents
  • Inner fabric comfort liner
  • Double D-Ring Chinstrap
  • Removable and washable cheek pads and inner comfort liner

The Troy Lee Designs D3 is a carbon full-face helmet that is incredibly lightweight and versatile. It's approved as a BMX helmet, mountain bike helmet, and snowboard helmet. The TLD D3 features:
  • Hi-Flow ventilation system
  • Aerodynamic design and custom graphics
  • Carbon composite shell with an EPS liner
  • Meets the ASTM F-2032 safety standard for BMX
  • 20 puncture-resistant vents
  • Motocross-style, replaceable, washable padded liner

The Bell Sanction full face BMX helmet has so many great features at such a low price, you have to wonder how Bell can afford to manufacture it. Some key features of the Bell Sanction:
  • Hand-laminated fiberglass exterior hardshell
  • Extra thick EPS foam liner
  • Adjustable visor
  • 15 cooling vents with internal wind tunnel ventilation
  • Very lightweight, weighs only 950 grams
  • Excellent color and graphic combinations

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