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Kids BMX Body Armor & Chest Protectors

Does my kid need to wear BMX body armor?

Shop Kids BMX Gear at our new store just for parents! If your child is actively involved in BMX racing, vert riding, or freestyle competition, a kids BMX chest protector (also known as kids BMX body armor) is a wise investment in his or her safety. Kids BMX chest protectors come in both jacket and vest styles to protect the chest, ribs, back, spine, and (depending on the design) the shoulders, elbows and arms. A BMX chest protector serves two crucial functions. Most BMX falls and crashes aren't a simple fall with direct force, the rider often slides on dirt or on a ramp. The outer shell of your kid's BMX body armor will take the brunt of the sliding. Even with a long-sleeved T-shirt, a rider can scrape off a lot of skin on a hard, fast skid across the track. A kid's BMX chest protector also spreads and absorbs the impact of a fall in order to reduce injury or the severity of an injury. A kid's BMX chest protector typically features an exterior layer of abrasion-resistant material and/or hard shell caps on such key spots as the chest, shoulders, elbows, spine or tailbone. These serve to absorb and spread the force of the initial impact. Underneath the hard shell will be a soft layer of impact absorbing that further absorbs the energy from the fall or crash. Depending on the manufacturer, the body of the chest protector is made from some sort of lightweight, sturdy mesh or Neoprene fabric.

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