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Kids BMX Gloves

It's not cold out. Why do we need kids BMX gloves?

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BMX gloves for kids (or adults) do more than just keep the rider's hands warm, they protect against gashes and scrapes when you fall or brush too close to a rail, wall, or ramp.

On a hot, sweaty day, BMX gloves can help the rider keep his or her grip on the handlebars. In addition, BMX gloves for kids can help cushion some of the force of the impacts caused by repeated jumps, increasing comfort and reducing fatigue.

While BMX gloves for kids are not required gear for BMX racing, they are recommended and and you see most riders wearing them. When you consider the combination of speed, proximity of other bicycles, and the height of some jumps in BMX racing, hand protection just makes sense.

For street, vert, and park riding, a pair of kids’ BMX gloves can mean the difference between a little scrape and a trip to the emergency room for stitches. If you introduce BMX gloves for kids to your child rider right off the bat, chances are he or she won't balk at the idea of BMX gloves when they get older.


How do I measure for kids' BMX gloves?

Sizing a pair of youth BMX gloves is quite simple: you just need to measure the circumference of the hand.
  • Measure the dominant hand (e.g., if your child is right-handed, measure the right hand)
  • Wrap the tape measure around the knuckles so you're measuring the widest part of the hand
  • Don't rely on manufacturer’s "small" sizing unless you know what size hand fits that particular manufacturer’s "small" glove
  • If you don't have a tape measure, wrap a piece of yarn or string around the hand then measure the string against a ruler


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