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Kids Skateboard Helmets

Kids Skateboard Helmets: the most important piece of safety gear for your son or daughter

Check out our new parents store for BMX pads for kids! You already know that skateboard helmets for kids are a safety necessity. In addition, most skateparks require riders to wear skateboard helmets, and several states have enacted skateboard helmet laws along with bicycle helmet laws. If your child plans on doing any street riding, be sure to check your state and local laws regarding kids skateboard helmet use. You'll find a great selection of skateboard helmets, with a hand picked selection of the most popular kids helmets below. You'll notice that even if a helmet is not specifically labeled as a "kids skateboard helmet," it likely has a size that will fit your son or daughter. Two popular brands are Triple Eight skateboard helmets and ProTec skateboard helmets for kids' skateboard helmets.

How do I measure my child's head for a skateboard helmet?

Measuring your child's head (or anyone else's, for that matter) is simple. Take a tape measure and wrap it around his or her head, about an inch above the eyebrows, keeping the tape level. This measurement is the circumference of the head and is the measure by which every helmet is sized. If you don't have a tape measure, use a piece of string or yarn and then lay the string next to a ruler to measure it. Check out our Kids Helmet Sizing Help for more info.

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How should my child's skateboard helmet fit?

A helmet is one thing you shouldn't expect your child to "grow into." It should fit snugly enough that it doesn't move when your child moves his or her head, but it shouldn't be so tight that it hurts. Remember that kids' heads are still growing, so look for a skateboard helmet that is able to get bigger over time. This can be done through either an adjustable fit system (like a dial that adjusts the fit of the helmet) or extra pad sets that can be removed from the liner, thus making the inside bigger. You can read more information on how your kid's helmet should fit in our Bike Gear Guides or Protective Gear News.

How often should I replace my kid's skateboard helmet?

Most manufacturers recommend replacing a kid's skateboard helmet (or kid's bike helmet, kid's ski helmet, any helmet) every three to five years. It's a good idea to inspect any helmet (for any member of your family) at least once a season or after a major impact to make sure its protective capacity has not been compromised. SportsProtective has a quick How to Inspect Your Helmet checklist in our Bike Gear Guides. Aside from repeated impacts, other factors can also affect the protective capacity of your child's skateboard helmet, such as:
  • exposure to chemicals found in skin lotions, sunscreen, or insect repellent
  • temperature cycles from leaving it in a cold garage all winter or a hot car trunk for extended periods during the summer
  • how much ozone exposure it has had from the sun or from being stored near an electric motor
If your kid is skateboarding often and (perhaps) falling often, he or she will likely need or want to replace the helmet more frequently due to scratches, new styles, or to update the all-important stickers. Skateboard helmets for kids run around $35-$50. That's a small price to pay every two or three years to keep the most precious thing in your life safe.

What are the best skateboarding helmets for kids?

Below, we've listed a number of skateboard helmets for kids. As stated above, just because a helmet is not named as a "kids skateboard helmet" doesn't mean that it won't fit your child. In general, ProTec and Triple Eight size their helmets so that a size "small" will fit most children's heads. Other helmets are specifically designed as kids' helmets. For instance, let's say your eight-year-old is browsing through skateboard helmets on our skateboard helmet page and decides he absolutely must have the Triple Eight Brainsaver helmet. You might say "No" because it isn't labeled as a kids skateboard helmet. However, size small in that particular helmet fits a head circumference of 52-53cm. 95% of kids up to eight years old will fit in a 54 cm or smaller helmet. You won't know for sure if this helmet can be your kid's skateboard helmet until you measure his or her head.