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Kids Skateboard Pads

Kids skateboard pads: How do you chose the right ones for your son or daughter?

Check out our new parents store for skateboard pads for kids! Any kid who is riding hard needs skateboard pads. The cost of a set of kids skateboard pads is certainly cheaper than a trip to the emergency room. We know it isn't always easy to get your child to wear skateboard pads. With lots of parents on the XSportsProtective team, we know the task of convincing kids that wearing pads is far preferable to an injury that could keep them off their board for days or weeks. If your child skateboards, remember that many skateparks require kids to wear a helmet and pads.

What kind of kids skateboard pads are out there?

Skateboard knee pads and elbow pads are kind of like tacos, you can get hard shell or soft shell. Both types of skateboard pads have some sort of Neoprene or other soft, flexible sleeve and EVA foam padding to protect the kneecap and the area surrounding it. If your child is racing or vert riding, he or she definitely needs hard shell pads. Kids skateboard pads use the same materials and technology as skateboard pads for adults; they're just sized smaller. As with skateboard helmets for kids, kids skateboard pads may not have "kids" or "youth" in the name, but some sizes will fit kids. We've found that Fox Titan, Lizard Skins, and Troy Lee Designs frequently have sizes that will fit smaller/younger riders, even if the skateboard pad is not named as a "youth skateboard pad" or "kids skateboard pad."
Kids Skateboard Pads - hard shell vs soft shell

A hard shell kids skateboard pad:
  • Has an ABS plastic shell riveted or Velcroed to the joint area
  • Provides greater protection than a soft shell skateboard pad
  • Offers more durability than a soft shell skateboard pad (the ABS plastic shell won't rip or tear no matter how many times you slide or fall on it)
  • May offer slightly less range of motion
  • Is bulkier than a soft shell skateboard pad, which means it may not fit under a pair of jeans or long-sleeved shirt
A soft shell kids skateboard knee pad:
  • Will have some sort of Kevlar or other abrasion-resistant panel over the front of the joint area
  • Does not provide as much impact protection as a hard shell skateboard pad for kids
  • Is smaller and lighter than a hard shell skateboard knee pad
  • You can wear soft-shell skateboard pads under pants or under a long-sleeved shirt
  • The panel covering the knee area is not as durable as the plastic cap on the hard shell skateboard knee pad and can eventually rip or tear

Two ways to put on kids skateboard pads

Kids Skateboard Pads - Slip On vs Butterfly DesignBoth kids skateboard knee pads and kids skateboard elbow pads come in one of two designs: slip on or those that close in the back (often called a butterfly closure). Slip-on skateboard pads for kids slide up to the knee or elbow. This design is more commonly found in soft-shell guards, less expensive knee pads, knee (or elbow) gaskets, and youth-sized pads. skateboard pads for kids with a butterfly closure wrap around your knee so your child can put them on and take them off without removing his or her shoes or gloves. The butterfly closure design is typically found in hard shell knee pads and more robust and/or more expensive knee pads. Some skateboard elbow pads use a hook-and-loop closure to ensure a snug, custom fit that won't budge while you're riding. When you purchase kids skateboard pads, make sure you know the different options.
  • Does you child care if he/she has to remove his/her shoes before putting on the skateboard knee pads?
  • Does your child mind having to remove his/her skateboard gloves in order to put the elbow pads on/take them off?
  • Does the butterfly design feature a hook-and-loop closure? For some kids, fastening a hook-and-loop closure with their non-dominant hand (e.g., if right-handed, their left hand) can be difficult

How do I measure for kids skateboard pads?

We all know that kids come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Put two eight-year-olds next to each other, and you could see a six-inch difference in height and a 40-pound difference in weight. And they'd both fall into the "normal" range. This makes it difficult to only go by a manufacturer's age recommendation for kids' skateboard pads. Before you buy any kids' skateboard pads, be sure to measure your child's leg circumference for knee pads and arm circumference for elbow pads. For kids skateboard knee pads, measure your child's outstretched leg four inches above the knee center and four inches below it. For kids skateboard elbow pads, measure your child's outstretched arm on the lower bicep and upper forearm.

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