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Kid's Ski Helmets / Snowboard Helmets

The most important piece of safety gear for your son or daughter

Every year, more and more people consider a ski helmet or snowboard helmet to be a necessary piece of safety gear. But you may not be sure what kind of kids ski helmets are available today. Or, perhaps you aren't sure how to choose or size the right snowboard helmet for your son or daughter. Read on to learn more about keeping your young one's noggin safe. Scroll down below to learn how to choose the right kids ski helmet, how to keep you and your child safe on the slopes, and recommendations for helmets available in children's sizing.

Are ski and snowboard helmets for kids really necessary?

Absolutely. An article in the journal of Sports Medicine stated that "Head and neck injuries are considered the primary cause of fatal [ski] injuries and constitute 11-20% of total injuries among children and adolescents." A 2011 study corresponds with this finding, stating that head injuries account for an estimated 10-15% of all ski injuries. However, other researchers have concluded that general head injury can be reduced by 35% by using a ski helmet. This figure rose to 59% for children under 13.

My kid has a ski helmet, does he or she need any other protective gear?

Advanced protective ski gear depends on what your child is going to be doing. Check out the guest blog post titled "Beyond a Helmet and Goggles" on The Brave Ski Mom for more information.

How do I choose the best kids ski helmet or the best kids snowboard helmet?

We think it's pretty clear that a kid's ski helmet or snowboard helmet can help keep your child safe. When it comes time to choose your child's snow helmet, there are a few things to keep in mind:
  • Venting - Kids have a faster metabolic rate than adults, which means (in general) once they start moving, they're going to heat up faster than you. Your kid's ski helmet should have sufficient vents to keep him or her cool on the slopes.
  • Brim, or no brim? A ski or snowboard helmet with a brim isn't just a style choice, a brim can help shield your child's eyes from the sun and adds a bit more of a barrier to keep snow and ice out off your face. Plus, it looks kind of cool. In general, though, most safety experts warn against extended/long brims that may interfere with the helmet during a crash.
  • Goggle Integration - snow goggles will help keep your kids eyes protected from sun, glare, snow, and ice. But kids can also be forgetful. Some manufacturers have ski helmet/goggle systems that attach the goggles to the child's ski helmet, like the Smith Optics Cosmos Jr. helmet and Galaxy goggles.
  • WARNING - Like a bicycle helmet or a skateboard helmet, a ski helmet should be discarded after a major crash or impact, even if the helmet appears to be undamaged. For this reason, we strongly advise against buying used helmets because it isn't always possible to know the ski helmet's history.

How do I make my kid wear a ski helmet or snowboard helmet?

Two ways:
  • Make sure your child has a say in choosing her or his helmet. If they pick it and like it, they more likely to wear it.
  • Wear a ski helmet yourself.

How should my kid's ski helmet fit?

A ski helmet or snowboard helmet is one thing you shouldn't expect your child to "grow into." It should fit snugly enough that it doesn't move when your child moves his or her head, but it shouldn't be so tight that it hurts. Remember that although kids' heads grow slowly, they are still growing. Look for a ski helmet that is able to get bigger over time. This can be done through either an adjustable fit system (like a dial that adjusts the fit of the helmet) or extra pad sets that can be removed from the liner to make the inside bigger.

A kids' ski helmet is just the beginning: How to keep your kid (and you) safe on the slopes?

Kids ski helmets are designed to reduce the severity of head injuries; they are not a cure-all. Teaching your child safe skiing and snowboarding practices now will give him or her a lifetime of fun, injury-free skiing/boarding. Some things to remember:
  • Even if you're an expert skier, your child will benefit from ski lessons from a certified instructor. Kids will often listen better to an instructor who isn't a family member. Same goes for snowboarding.
  • Kids don't always have a realistic understanding of their skills or limitations. They want to try anything that looks cool. Keep them on trails appropriate for their skill level and stay with them when they're trying out a new trail or hill. This includes the terrain park or half pipe.
  • Make sure your child knows basic ski and snowboard etiquette and safety rules: the person in front or below has the right of way, stay off trails that are marked as closed, never stop in the middle of the trail, look up before you merge onto a new trail.
  • Ski patrol reports that accidents pick up in the afternoon, because people have been out for hours and are starting to fatigue. Be aware of your child's energy level (and yours). If one or both of you are irritable and impatient, you may just be tired. Take a break.

How often should I replace my kid's ski helmet?

How to Inspect a Kids Helmet
Most manufacturers recommend replacing a helmet - kid's ski helmet, a kid's bike helmet, a kid's skateboard helmet - every three to five years. It's a good idea to inspect any helmet (for any member of your family) at least once a season and absolutely after a major impact to make sure its protective capacity has not been compromised. Check out our quick How to Inspect Your Helmet checklist in our Helmet Learning Center. Aside from repeated impacts, other factors can also affect the protective capacity of your kid's ski helmet, such as:
  • Exposure to chemicals found in skin lotions or sunscreen
  • Temperature cycles from leaving it in a cold garage all winter or a hot attic or crawl space during the summer
  • How much ozone exposure it has had from the sun or from being stored near an electric motor
You can find a quality kid's ski helmet for as little as $40 or $50. That’s a small price to pay every two or three years to keep the most precious thing in your life safe.

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