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Leatt Bike Helmets

Leatt Bike Helmets are your best option for neck brace and helmet compatibility

Leatt is best known for their DBX neck braces, but in the last several years they have added bicycle helmets to their product line. Leatt bicycle helmets have the best level of compatibility to their ultra successful line of neck braces. Most riders find if they are going to wear a DBX neck brace (and all riders should) they should couple that with a Leatt bicycle helmet for MTB or BMX. Learn more about Leatt Bicycle helmets below...

Protection Technology by Leatt

Leatt Bicycle Helmets offer Seamless Integration

We cannot stress enough how important a bicycle helmets are for both MTB and BMX. The risks are apparent and if you are going to ride, you should be protected. The Leatt Bicycle helmet is the best option for a rider who is going to wear a Leatt DBX neck brace. The compatibility between Leatt products is one of the best and most important reasons Leatt moved into the bicycle helmet for MTB and BMX space. The Leatt DBX neck brace must be coupled with a full face bike helmet to work properly, so why buy any other helmet? Leatt's helmet design is made to fit like a puzzle piece with the Leatt neck brace line. So every function and feature of both products go hand in hand.