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Leatt Body Armor

Leatt's innovations in neck brace protection have spilled over into Body Armor

If you know Leatt, you probably know them for their protective neck braces, but Leatt has begun to move into mountain bike and BMX body armor and has done so very successfully. They offer a variety of different types, both hard and soft shell MTB and BMX armor, and their commitment to fit and adjustability is still very much apparent. Learn more about Leatt body armor below. 

Leatt Body Armor: The Same Protection you Expect From Leatt

When you hear the name Leatt, you don't think body armor, but maybe you should. Several years ago Leatt made a commitment to their customer base to offer more than just DBX neck braces. They turned their attention into the body armor space and have been able to offer several different technologies to fit their rider's need for protection, fit and wearability. When it comes to your chest, back and shoulders, protection is something more riders should consider. Leatt has done all they can to offer varying options to help make sure every rider's wants can be met.

Leatt Body Armor Types

One thing Leatt has tried to do is meet the wants of their riders. When it comes to body armor, there are many different options for a rider to choose and Leatt has given their customers different choices to make sure whatever armor they wear, it fits their needs.

  • Soft Shell Armor - Leatt"s soft shell material, known as 3DF has made waves in the body armor space. Leatt DBX 3DF material is soft and light but when exposed to sharp or forceful impacts, will harden for contact before returning to its original form. It allows riders to have lightweight armor with hard shell capability. Leatt's 3DF body armor gives protection without bulk distraction and that is attractive to many riders.
  • Hard Shell Armor - Some riders just love the protective feeling of hard shell armor and Leatt makes sure those riders are covered. Leatt DBX hard shell body armor offers pieces that are a little bit heavier than soft shell, but also offer maximum protection. If you are the rider who wants to do everything you can to walk away from a crash without harm, hard shell armor is for you.

Neck Brace Compatibility

If you wear Leatt products, there is a great chance that you wear a Leatt neck brace. Leatt has made great strides to allow incredible compatibility between their Leatt DBX neck braces and the DBX body armor for MTB and BMX. The hard and soft shell products we offer do have several connection points to help secure your neck brace to your armor. When coupling a Leatt DBX neck brace with Leatt body armor, you are maximizing protection.