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Leatt DBX Neck Braces

Leatt: a pioneer in neck brace protection for mountain biking and BMX

Protect yourself while you mountain bike or race BMX. Shop Leatt DBX neck braces and body armor/neck brace combos. Learn more about Leatt neck braces below...

Leatt Neck Braces: Innovation from Tragedy

Most brands rise from intuition or the spark of a great idea. With Leatt, their story is different and how the Leatt neck brace came to be is something that seems unimaginable. While out for a fun afternoon at the racetrack with his son in 2001, Dr. Chris Leatt saw something that would change the course of his life and career. A fellow rider had his life end to do suspected neck injuries during a ride. From then on, Dr. Leatt would dedicate his time and efforts to making protective gear that could potentially keep this from happening to others. The first Leatt neck brace prototype was made in 2003 and Leatt received a U.S Patent in 2007. Since then, Leatt has become a major player in the continued safety of riders in several different sports including MTB and BMX.

Leatt Neck Brace Models

Leatt has a MTB and BMX neck brace that fits every rider's needs for comfort, adjustability and riding style. At SportsProtective, we strictly sell Leatt's DBX neck braces. These are designed for bicycle use only, and those riders who would like to use a neck brace for motorized sport should shop Leatt GPX neck braces.

The Leatt DBX neck brace comes in four different models. They are the Leatt DBX 4.5, 5.5, 5.5 for Juniors and the Leatt DBX 6.5 neck brace. All four models are suitable for MTB or BMX, and each has there own benefits.

The different models each offer different benefits, but most importantly they all add neck and spine protection to your ride. If you would like a more indepth look at how to choose a Leatt DBX neck brace, take a look at our How to Choose Guide: Leatt Neck Brace for MTB and BMX Racing

  • Leatt DBX 4.5 Neck Brace - If you are looking for an entry level commitment, the Leatt DBX 4.5 neck brace for MTB or BMX is for you. It gives you the basic protection features and some adjustability with the use of an Allen wrench. It can take some time to adequately fit but will do the job it is intended to do.
  • Leatt DBX 5.5 Neck Brace - The Leatt neck brace that we have found offers the best features for most riders is the Leatt DBX 5,5 neck brace. It offers the most adjustability and is also toolless so you can change fit very quickly. Made to fit most riders, the Leatt DBX 5.5 neck brace is what we recommend for most riders, both new or veteran. It also comes in a scaled down size for junior riders.
  • Leatt DBX 6.5 Neck Brace - The top of the line neck brace for MTB or BMX by Leatt is the 6.5 model. Identical to the 5.5 in every way, the 6.5's only major change is it is made of carbon fibe and is significantly lighter than the other models. You can learn more about the difference in the brace's weight on the 6.5 product page.

Alternative Load Path Technology

You might be wondering how a Leatt DBX neck brace for MTB and BMX works. The secret behind Leatt's revolutionary design is Alternative Load Path Technology. This technology does exactly what it says, it takes the load of force of any impact and sends it on an alternative path. What this means is when a Leatt DBX neck brace is coupled with a full face helmet and fit properly if an impact occurs, the neck brace transfers the harmful impact that could damage your spine or neck somewhere else. The force load is moved to your chest, back and shoulders which are more resilient than the sensitive neck and spine. While your chest, back and shoulders might be sore in the days following an incident, it is a much better scenario than your neck being compromised or even permanently damaged.

Leatt's Testing and Results

One of the things that sets Leatt apart from other brands is their exhaustive and intensive product testing. Dr. Chris Leatt has built out a full lab environment and brought in engineers and scientists to continually test and improve functionality/ design of their Leatt DBX neck braces. One thing Leatt prides itself on is being able to say their braces can help to mitigate potential harmful injuries. While nothing is full proof, the Leatt team is destined to show their consumers that their protection equipment works and works well up to the standard they have set for themselves. If you would like to learn more about Leatt's testing and results, check out our blog which dives deeper into discussion.