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Level Gloves

Wear Level Snowboarding Gloves and Mittens to protect your wrists with the integrated BioMex wrist guard!

Ski Racer? Wear Level Ski Racing Gloves and Mittens to protect your hands from the gates on your downhill or slalom runs

Protect yourself from most wrist-related snowboarding injuries with Level snowboard gloves with built-in BioMex wrist guards. Top-of-the-line models like the Level Super Pipe Gloves and Level HalfPipe gloves also feature the BioMex Pad - an extra layer on the guards for additional comfort and shock reduction. You can read about Level snowboarding gloves below, or watch the 5 min video on the right for an excellent explanation of the Biomex wrist guard and why it's so effective at preventing snowboard wrist injuries.

Ski Racers:
Protect your hands from gate strikes with beautiful quality Level Ski Racing gloves and mittens. Top-of-the-line ski race models include the Level SQ CF Ski Racing Gloves and Level Race CF Ski Racing Gloves. We also offer Level Ski Race gloves and mittens for youth ski racers, too. You can also read our comparison of Level ski racing gloves.

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Level snowboarding gloves with BioMex wrist guards can reduce the likelihood of a snowboard wrist injury by 7.5 times

All of the Level Snowboard Gloves we stock feature BioMex wrist guards. These wrist guards are the result of an extensive, ongoing collaboration between snowboarders, the medical community, and engineers. Level BioMex Wrist Guard InformationA four-year study conducted by the St. Moritz (Switzerland) Orthopaedic Hospital involving more than 40,000 snowboard hours and more than 2,400 participants showed that snowboarders who wear conventional snowboard wrist guards are 4.5 times less likely to suffer wrist injuries over those who don’t wear wrist guards. Level's BioMex wrist protection system reduces the likelihood of a snowboard wrist injury by 7.5 times.

The BioMex wrist guard is flexible, shock reducing, and ergonomically designed. It is made from high-density rubberized plastic with a split "swallow-tail" wrist support that, upon impact, flexes to disperse the blunt force from a fall. The BioMex wrist guard also has a central pivot system at the base of the palm, so that you can position the two-piece guard in whichever way is most comfortable for you.

Staff Picks of Level Snowboarding Gloves

Naturally, we are partial to the Level Super Pipe Pros. For 2014, Level toned down the look a bit to make the SuperPipes more subtle (the studs on the fingers are gone) and refined. However, it's still the most impressive protective snowboard glove we've seen. The Super Pipe gets our vote for the Snowboarding Glove That Has Everything.

Very close behind the Supers are the Level Half Pipe snowboard gloves. The Half Pipes offer the same wrist protection as the Level Super Pipe but without some its special features and with a less aggressive profile (and a bit lower price). The Level Half Pipe snowboard gloves also come in men's and women's sizes and both glove and mitten versions.

What's the difference between different Level snowboard gloves?

We field lots of questions about the difference between different Level snowboarding glove models, so here's some guidance for you:
  • What's the same? Level's BioMex wrist guard is integrated into the glove liner across all models of gloves in Level's protective snowboard glove line-up. This includes all models - from the Youth Fly Junior gloves all the way up to the SuperPipes. So, from a snowboarding wrist protection standpoint, you can be assured you are getting advanced wrist protection from all of the Level snowboard gloves. You can learn more about Level's BioMex wrist protection system.
  • Superpipe vs Halfpipe - The difference between the Level SuperPipe XCR Gloves and the Level HalfPipe XCR Gloves is three things. First, the SuperPipe has a generous amount of leather across both the front and back side of the gloves, including over the knuckle guards over your first knuckles. Second, the Superpipes have more extensive kevlar on the palm side to protect the gloves from board grabs. The Kevlar extends all the way up the inside of your thumb. And finally, the Superpipes have very nice quality stitching details and subtle Level branding. Overall, the Superpipes look and feel like a top-of-the-line leather snowboard glove - amazing, given the level of protection they provide. As a reminder, BOTH the SuperPipe and the HalfPipe have GoreTex shells and upgraded Polartec fleece liners.
  • Halfpipe vs the Fly/Butterfly - The difference between the Level HalfPipes and the Level Fly gloves are significant. The Fly gloves do NOT have GoreTex, nor the upgraded interior fleece liner. In addition, the Half/Supers feature the dual-density pad attached to the BioMex guard the improves comfort. These differences make the Fly snowboard gloves the value choice within the line, but not as warm or dry as the upgraded HalfPipe and best option - the SuperPipe.
  • Fly Short vs Regular Fly - What about the difference between the Level Fly Short gloves (which used to be the Level Network gloves) and the Level Fly gloves? The difference is in the cuff of the gloves. The Level Fly Short gloves and mittens are designed to be "undergloves" - i.e. the cuff fits underneath your snowboard jacket or hoodie sleeves. Meanwhile, the Level Fly (and SuperPipe and HalfPipe) have gauntlet style cuffs. Guantlet style is designed to go over your jacket sleeves - better at keeping the powder out.

Level Gloves

Level Gloves

Level is an Italian manufacturer of snowboarding gloves, snowboard mittens, ski racing gloves, poles, and beanies. Level products are born in the Italian Alps, and the company is a leader in innovation and style. Level's unique technology includes the best selling Biomex Wrist Guard System, proven to significantly reduce the risk of wrist injuries while snowboarding, and Kevlar reinforced finger and palm constructions for exceptional durability. The Bliss line, designed just for women, features "Warmer for Women" technology. With its vast of array of insulations and waterproofing technologies, you can count on Level to keep you warm and dry in even the harshest climates and coldest weather. and all Level products are built to make skiing and riding warmer, dryer, and more comfortable. Level "firsts" include:
  • Snowboard-specific gloves (1988)
  • Removable liner system for snowboard gloves (1988)
  • Protection technology for snowboard gloves (1992)
  • "Breathable System" to help keep gloves dry (1994)
  • Kevlar reinforced construction (1999)
  • Backcountry concept: snowboard-ski gloves for mountaineering use (2001)
  • Printed silicone palms (2001)
  • Reflex stimulator system (Kirax) (2002)
  • "Overgloves" as a new market segment (2005)