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MORR Sport Sunglasses

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MORR eyewear - designed for tough conditions

MORR Protective Gear sports sunglasses and clear lenses address concerns you may have when it comes to always-on visual clarity and protection from the sun (UVA / UVB radiation), high impacts from crashing or flying debris, lens scratches and fogging. MORR sports sunglasses have distortion free wrap around lenses mounted in super lightweight, non-slip frames. When comparing men's sports eyewear, MORR offers incredible value.

Protection + Performance + Price = MORR

Tired of losing or breaking expensive sport glasses? MORR Protective Gear satisfies your need for high performance eyewear at a sensible price.

What's protecting your eyes from catastrophe?

Unconventional impact testing captured on video.   Click to watch:  hit with a sledgehammer