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Leatt 3DF 5.0 Hybrid Elbow Pad for Juniors (Pair)

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Distinguishing Features

  • 3 Dimensional Design  - Designed for comfort, protection, and excellent fit
  • 25% Thinner Than Previous Models - Less bulk but even better impact protection
  • Moisture Cool Technology - Anti-odor and cooling wick fabric


  • Shell Material - 3DF airfit ventilated soft impact foam, soft shell design for comfort while maintaining a low profile 
  • Construction - sleeve design with perforated neoprene and spandex, contoured for better mobility 
  • Outer Layer - abrasion resistant aramid outer layer, added durability 
  • Profile - low profile design with less bulk, can be worn under clothing
  • Interior Lining - anti-odor moisturecool and airmesh wicking fabrics, ensures inside of pad stays cool and also reduces chance of unpleasant odor
  • Back of Elbow Design - ventilated stretch weave material, excess airflow
  • Secure Fit  - silicone laminates, help to keep protectors in place
  • Ventilation - airflow holes throughout for increased ventilation, keeps rider cool
  • Weight - 350 grams per pair (0.8 lbs)
  • Safety - meets CE tested and certified as impact protection: Elbow EN1621-1
  • Sizing - comes in single size for juniors

Leatt 3DF 5.0 Elbow Pad for Juniors Gives High-Level Protection with Low-Level Profile

If your child loves downhill mountain biking or BMX, it will ease your mind to make sure they are always protected. The Leatt 3DF 5.0 Elbow Pad for Juniors gives your young rider the protection you have come to expect from Leatt, while maintaining a low profile. We love how the 3DF 5.0 Elbow Pad for Juniors can be worn under long sleeves. 

For being a soft shell pad, we think the level of protection is outstanding. The soft CE certified 3DF elbow pads scored a total of 11 points in the Leatt protection rating system. They offer a level of protection most generally seen in hard shell pads. When it comes to your child, you want to give them the best protection possible and the Leatt 3DF 5.0 Elbow Pad for Juniors does just that. 

The 3DF impact foam is innovative in that it is soft but instantly becomes energy-absorbing upon impact. When put under extreme stress or impact, the padding will harden to help minimize the blow. 3DF soft foam is just another game-changing innovation by Leatt. 

About Leatt

Sometimes it takes a tragedy to create change. Such was the case in South Africa in 2001 when Dr. Chris Leatt, a medical doctor and motorcycle rider, went to a racetrack with his son who himself had just begun to ride. There, Dr. Leatt witnessed the death of another rider, Alan Selby, from suspected neck injuries. Dr. Leatt was so shaken by the incident that he made it his mission to develop a device that would go a substantial way toward preventing this type of fatal injury in the future. After three years of research, development, and testing, Dr. Leatt introduced his first Leatt-Brace. However, it would be another two years before the Leatt-Brace would make it to market on a large scale. Today, Leatt-Brace is a worldwide leader in neck protection for extreme sports. Dr. Leatt likes to say the Leatt Brace is "a helmet for your neck." Designers and engineers in the Leatt laboratory in South Africa have expanded their reach to high-technology protective armor that meet varying needs of downhill mountain bikers, BMX bikers, and skiers and snowboarders.


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Leatt DBX 5.5  and DBX 5.5 Jr Neck Braces

Neck Brace Size Chest Circumference
Junior 29.5-32.5in
Adult S/M 32.5-37.0in
Adult L/XL 37.0-49.5in


Leatt DBX 4.5 Neck Brace

Neck Brace Size Chest Circumference
Adult S/M 31.0-37.0in
Adult L/XL 37.0-45.0in


Leatt DBX Comp 4 and DBX Ride 4 Neck Braces

Neck Brace Size Chest Circumference
Adult S/M 26.0-37.0in
Adult L/XL 34.0-43.0in


Leatt Upper Body Armor Size Charts

Leatt 3DF Adult Size Upper Body Armor

Size Chest Circumference
Small/Medium 34-38in
Large/Extra Large 40-44in
XXL 44-48in


Leatt 3DF Youth Size Upper Body Armor

Size Height
Junior Small/Medium 4'5"-4'9" Tall
Junior Large/Extra Large 4'9"-5'3" Tall


Leatt 3DF Knee Guards Size Charts

Measure your knee circumference, with your leg extended out straight.

How to Measure Your Knee for Leatt 3DF Knee Pads

Leatt 3DF Adult Size Knee Guards

Size Knee Circumference
Small/Medium 31-41cm
Large/Extra Large 41-53cm
XXL 53-58cm


Leatt 3DF Youth Size Knee Guards

Size Knee Circumference
Junior 4'5"-4'9" Tall
Kids 4'9"-5'3" Tall


Leatt 3DF Elbow Guards Size Charts

Measure your elbow circumference, with your arm extended.

How to Measure Your Elbows for Leatt 3DF Elbow Guards

Leatt 3DF Adult Size Elbow Guards

Size Elbow Circumference
Small/Medium 22-28cm
Large/Extra Large 28-35cm
XXL 35-41cm


Leatt 3DF Youth Size Elbow Guards

Size Elbow Circumference
Junior 4'5"-4'9" Tall
Kids 4'9"-5'3" Tall


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