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Mountain Bike Knee Pads

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Because crashes are inevitable, and you're going to need your knees

A few minor scrapes, bumps, and bruises are bound to happen on the trail. A good pair of mountain bike knee pads can dissipate the impact of the fall and protect your knees from hard (or sharp) objects that could cause serious injury. Protect yourself with mountain bike knee pads and knee/shin pads from top brands like SixSixOne, Fox, Troy Lee Designs, and POC. Learn more about mountain bike knee pads below...

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Mountain bike knee pads: Because it's kind of hard to bike with a bad knee

Your knee is the largest joint in your body and one of the most complicated. The up-down piston-like motion of your knee pedaled your first tricycle and continues to power your mountain bike today. Think about it: if you have an average pedaling cadence of 80 rpm, your knee will bend nearly 10,000 times during a two-hour ride. Protect your hard-working knees with mountain bike knee pads and knee/shin guards that suit your style and your type of riding. A pair of quality mountain bike knee pads can protect you from more than just trail rash - a hard hit on a rocky trail can cause serious damage and keep you off the bike for weeks or even months. Don't waste any part of the season sitting at home wishing you had invested in some mountain bike pads - check out our full line of mountain bike knee pads right now.

Staff picks for mountain bike knee pads

We love the SixSixOne EVO d3o mountain biking knee pads, which feature d3o, an engineered material designed to be pliable under normal conditions but that hardens upon impact. SixSixOne EVO knee pads are comfortable, protective mountain bike knee pads (and they’re great for snowboarding too). SixSixOne EVO d3o mountain bike knee pads feature:
  • d3o protective padding that entirely covers both kneecaps
  • Four additional high-density EVA foam pads to protect knee ligaments and tendons
  • Abrasion-resistant, molded Kevlar-reinforced kneepad cover to prevent tears and rips
  • Pre-curved ergonomic fit
  • Stretch Kodura and soft-fit construction allows flexibility and breathability
In mountain bike knee/shin guards, the Fox Launch knee/shin guard can't be beat. The Fox Launch has ribbed hard shell kneecaps and hardshell shin plates for technologically advanced impact protection, plus these mountain bike knee/shin guards feature Fox's patented X-Up™ strapping system, which lock on both sides of the knee to prevent any twisting or slipping.

Do you have more questions about which mountain bike knee pads are right for you? Check out the How to Chose: Mountain Bike Knee Pads article in our learning center today.

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