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Mountain Bike Padded Shorts

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Why not be comfortable AND protected while you ride DH, XC, or Jump?

Padded mountain bike shorts protect your hips, quads, and tailbone in a fall or a crash. Today’s padded mountain bike shorts and pants are lightweight, comfortable, and a versatile piece of mountain bike protective gear. Whether you need max protection for serious downhill, a light protective layer for all-mountain, or specific protection for an area of previous injury, we have a pair of MTB padded shorts for you. Read more about mountain bike padded shorts below, including info on top name brands like Crash Pads, SixSixOne, Troy Lee Designs or G-Form.

Padded mountain bike shorts: What's the difference?

Mountain bike padded shorts are a key piece of mountain biking protection. Mountain bike padded shorts typically have padding to protect your quads, hips, and tailbone. For the more serious downhill mountain biker - or the "just learning" crowd who really need protection while they learn - wearing a pair of mtb padded shorts can make your day a lot more enjoyable.

SportsProtective staff picks of favorite padded mountain bike shorts

We're big fans of Crash Pads 1300 padded mountain bike shorts, which feature an ergonomically correct (for your typical riding position), six-paneled Lycra design that is both breathable and comfortable and provides excellent hip and thigh protection. Other features of the Crash Pads 1300 padded mountain bike shorts:
  • Articulated, thermal-formed, soft-shell foam padding to protect your hips and quads
  • Four-way stretch breathable Lycra material for maximum freedom of movement
  • Waist drawstring cinches in the rear; won’t pinch when you’re in a crouched position
  • Half-inch thermal formed, scored, flame bonded, high-density foam pads
Do you have more questions about which mountain bike padded shorts are right for you? Check out our Mountain Bike Protective Gear Learning Center right now.

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No matter your choice of padded shorts for mountain biking, we stand behind every product we sell and will work together with you to get you the right protection. We offer a great selection—in stock—from brands you trust, and with no hassle returns. Complete your outfit with other MTB protective gear, like a bike helmet, elbow pads, body armor, knee pads, and gloves. Whether you’re an experienced downhill rider or about to hit the trail for the first time, we're here to help.