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Mountain Bike Wrist Protection

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Don't let a wrist injury keep you from mountain biking — support your wrist with a mountain bike wrist support

There are 27 bones in one human hand, including 8 in your wrist. If you've injured your wrist, it's hard to find wrist supports that don't get in the way between your hands and the handlebars. But, below are several excellent options of MTB wrist supports that provide you support while you heal, while still allowing you to grip the bars and keep riding. Shop the high quality mountain bike wrist guards below and get back on the bike. Learn more about mountain bike wrist guards below...

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Why do I need a mountain bike wrist guard / wrist support?

If you've had a wrist injury, or if you're doing gravity riding where your chance of taking a hard fall is high, a mountain bike wrist guard can be a good investment.

SportsProtective staff picks for mountain bike wrist guards

The Troy Lee 5205 wrist support offers stability, support and a glove-like feel. Other aspects of the 5205 include:

  • Adjustable internal stay system for customized support
  • Extended wrist support enhances flex limits and the load dispersion zone, increases impact protection and control
  • Multi-zone compression
  • Unobstructed grip
Do you have more questions about which mountain bike wrist guards are right for you? Check out our Mountain Bike Protective Gear Learning Center.

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