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Open Face BMX Helmets

BMX Helmets: half shell / open face BMX helmets for street, park, and driveway...

If you’re doing flatland or street riding or just noodling around in your driveway, you may not need a full face BMX helmet, so a half shell (or open face) BMX helmet that meets the CPSC safety standard for bicycle helmets will do the trick. XSportsProtective has a full range of BMX bike helmets from brands like ProTec, Bell, and Fox to suit your needs and your budget. Learn more about choosing a BMX helmet below. Have a kid who’s into BMX? Be sure to check out our Kids BMX Helmets collection to learn more about choosing a kids BMX helmet.

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What kind of BMX bike helmet do I need?

There are two types of BMX bike helmets: open-face and full-face. Open-face BMX helmets are great for flatland/street and driveway riding. If you’re doing any sort of BMX racing or jumping, you probably need the protection of a full face BMX helmet. Open-face BMX bike helmets are available in two styles: bike style or skate style. Bike style BMX helmets look a lot like your typical bicycle helmet - lightweight, well-vented, with an aerodynamic design. They'll be in-mold, meaning light, but this also means they won't stand up to a lot of abuse. On the other hand, skate-style BMX bike helmets have more of a round, bucket-like shape. They have slightly less ventilation than a bike style BMX helmet but make up for that with a bit more coverage on the sides and back of your head. Also, skate style BMX Helmets are often made with a durable ABS exterior shell - so they can take a lot of abuse. Most flatland and street BMX riders prefer the skate style BMX helmet with the ABS outer shell. Some open-face BMX helmets can be used for both BMX biking and skateboarding. In general, a BMX bike helmet (or any bicycle helmet) is designed to withstand one big impact, while a skateboard helmet is designed to withstand multiple impacts. If you want to learn more, check out our article on Multi-Impact Helmets in our Helmet Learning Center.

XSportsProtective staff picks for BMX bike helmets

One of the most popular and versatile BMX bike helmets we sell is the ProTec B2 helmet for bike and skate. The B2 meets both CPSC and ASTM safety standards, so you can use it as a BMX bike helmet as well as a skateboard helmet. Other features include:
  • Multi-impact SXP inner liner
  • High-impact ABS exterior shell
  • Die-cut PU foam padding with laminated Nylex
  • 15 open vents
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Soft tubular webbing straps

The Bell Faction is a favorite with our customers and the staff. We like the steezy skate helmet look and the great colors, plus it can do double duty because it meets both CPSC bike and ASTM skateboard safety standards. One more plus about the Bell Faction BMX bike helmet - size Large fits up to a 63 cm head (a true extra large), which is hard to find in this style helmet. We also love the unique look and the features of the Fox Transition Hardshell, which gives dirt jump, street and freestyle riders a durable, high performance helmet with a sweet look. What makes the Fox Transition a great BMX bike helmet?
  • 12 strategically placed vents
  • Chin strap webbing anchored directly onto the outer shell
  • Hard shell construction, which means the EPS liner and outer shell are thermoformed separately, then glued together
  • Deep profile to protect back of your head

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No matter your choice of BMX bike helmet, we stand behind every product we sell and will work with you to get you the right equipment. Don't be fooled by others who look like us! XSportsProtective has the best selection of top-quality BMX bike helmets as well as BMX body armor, BMX gloves, BMX pads, and more. Count on XSportsProtective to provide you with quality BMX bike helmets from brands you trust like Fox, ProTec, Bell, and more, and all at a competitive price.