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Over the Glasses (OTG) Ski and Snowboard Goggles

Foggy Glasses? Constant Headaches? These goggles fit OVER YOUR GLASSES and offer the features and styles of top-of-the-line ski goggles!

Don't be satisfied with either ditching your glasses and skiing blind, or suffering from headaches because you're wearing ski goggles that aren't designed to be worn with glasses. Check out the different options of OTG ski goggles and OTG snowboard goggles below. We offer OTG ski goggles at many different price points, in different sizes, and with a variety of frames. Some goggle frames have side cut-outs to accommodate your glasses triggers (the pieces that extend back to your ears). We think you'll be pleased with our broad collection of OTG ski and snowboard goggles, and encourage you to outfit yourself with the best pair of OTG goggles that fit your budget. "See" you on the mountains! For more information on OTG Ski Goggles and OTG Snowboard Goggles, read about What to Look For in OTG Goggles below...

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Can you need to wear prescription glasses while you ski or snowboard?

If you wear glasses, you know how tough it is to find ski goggles that work well on top of your glasses. Our eyes need more protection than glasses offer while we're on the slopes. Glasses aren't designed to protect our eyes from wind, snow, sleet or in most cases, sun glare. It's important to wear goggles while you ski. However, finding the right pair of goggles to put over a pair of glasses can be tricky. There are two main problems:

Easy Comfort

It can be really difficult to find a pair of ski goggles that have enough room for your frames, let alone are comfortable. The face foam on the goggle frame needs to be designed to allow the triggers of your glasses, those pieces that extend back to your ears, to fit without the goggles squeezing them into your temples. Over the years, goggle manufacturers have stepped up to the plate to address this dilemma. Some goggle brands actually cut out the sides of the frames to accommodate triggers. Our product descriptions will call this out for any ski goggle or snowboard goggle that adds this unique feature.

Good Venting

Don't you hate it when your glasses fog up under your ski goggle or snowboard goggle while you're heading down the slope? A good pair of over the glasses ski goggles, OTG ski goggles for short, will have enough venting to prevent your glasses and goggles from getting all fogged up. Anti-fog technology has come a long way, and manufacturers have addressed the fog issue of OTG goggles.

So there's really no more excuse for poor vision on the trails or in the parks! We encourage you to check out our collection of OTG ski goggles and OTG snowboard goggles above and get outfitted today!