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Reusch Ski Racing Gloves and Mittens

Reusch Ski Racing Gloves - worn by top ski racing competitors worldwide for performance, warmth, and protection. Official glove partner of the US Alpine Ski Team

Reusch ski racing gloves come from a rich heritage of fine glove production dating back to 1934. For downhill, slalom, and Super G racers, top Reusch ski race gloves / race mittens like the top-of-the-line Reusch Race Tec 14 Giant Slalom Racing Mittens provide excellent protection from high speed gate impacts. For the younger kids on the race course, check out the Reusch Noram Training Racing Mittens for Juniors.

Reusch Ski Racing Gloves - a rich heritage stretching back to Karl Reusch hand stitching his first pair of gloves in his attic in 1934

Reusch is known globally for high performance sporting gloves in both ski racing and soccer goalkeeping. Since 1972, top ski racers have worn Reusch gloves and mittens to protect themselves from repeated high speed gate strikes that are simply part of the alpine racing environment. The official partner of the US Alpine Ski Racing Team, Reusch offers premium level ski racing gloves for all levels of racers - from young racers up through top level competitive athletes.

Reusch - history of the brand

In 1934, when Karl Reusch manufactured his first pair of gloves in a small workshop in Metzingen, he had a vision: to create incomparable, innovative gloves of the highest possible quality. This marked the beginning of an outstanding company history, which led Reusch into the sports market for the first time in 1972 with a collection of specially designed winter gloves. Shortly after, Reusch developed in co-operation with German goalkeeper legend, Sepp Maier, the world's first goalie gloves featuring a latex palm. It was a milestone in soccer history and accompanied the German national team on their way to winning the world championship. Reusch stayed true to the sportive challenge of creating gloves for the special requirements of soccer and winter sports. In the goalkeeper's case, this meant evolving the simple hand protector into a functional piece of catching equipment. The ongoing success proved Reusch right: Since 1974, almost every soccer world championship title has been won with gloves by Reusch, and the majority of winter sports athletes rely on Reusch's gloves. With seventy years of experience, Reusch is now the undisputed world leader in developing and marketing of soccer and winter sports gloves and accessories. Competence built in decades and the close co-operation with sports professionals is constantly incorporated into the development of new technologies. The results are innovative products of uncompromised quality and reliability.