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Roller Derby Helmets

Roller Derby Helmets: protect yourself with top brand name derby helmets from Triple Eight, ProTec, Bern, and more

You know how violent a crash can be. Although there is no debate about the use of a helmet in derby, there can be debates about what type of helmet you should wear while you play. There are two types of roller derby helmets - roller derby helmets with soft foam interior liners (that typically don't meet a specific safety standard) and roller derby helmets with a stiffer foam liner (that meet the CPSC safety standard for bicycle helmets). Learn more about the two types of roller derby helmets below.

Roller Derby Helmets: how to find the right roller derby helmet for you

Even if your mother always said you have a hard head, you still need a helmet for roller derby. There are two basic helmet constructions to choose from when it comes to roller derby helmets:
  1. A helmet with a soft foam interior liner (like the Triple 8 Brainsaver) designed for skate/roller use only
  2. A helmet with a stiff foam interior liner (like the ProTec Classic), designed for both skate and bike use (and which may carry a CPSC certification)

Roller derby helmets: Take your pick

The consequences of a head injury make a getting a quality roller derby helmet your first priority. Derby players (and officials) fall a lot, especially when learning new moves and in the heat of a bout. Depending upon your speed, distance to the ground, ground hardness, and other factors, you can suffer a concussion or other serious head injury. Don't mess with roller derby helmet safety. Get yourself a new, good quality roller derby helmet and make sure it fits well. Roller derby helmets have one of two constructions: a soft foam liner or a hard foam liner. The type you choose is based on personal preference and what activities you will be doing while you are wearing your helmet.
  • Soft foam (or Skate Only) helmets have a plush interior liner and are intended to protect against multiple, low-force impacts commonly associated with sports like roller derby, inline skating, and skateboarding. "Soft foam" roller derby helmets may or may not be skate certified. (Note that lack of such a certification is not unusual and does not mean that your helmet isn’t safe.)
  • Hard foam (or bike/skate) helmets have a stiff EPS foam liner, like that of a traditional bicycle helmet. They are mainly intended to sustain one large impact. Hard foam helmets with an EPS liner are typically CPSC certified for bike use. They can also be used while doing other activities, such as roller derby, skateboarding, or inline skating.

Whether you choose a skate only or bike/skate helmet for roller derby is up to you. Some general caveats to keep in mind when selecting your roller derby helmet:
  • Don’t try to save money by buying a second-hand roller derby helmet. A helmet’s ability to protect your head effectively may be compromised even though it may look okay from the outside
  • Make sure your helmet is designed for skate use and not bike-only use (a bike/skate helmet is fine). A skate helmet covers more of the back of your head and neck. You’ll need that protection when you fall backwards.
  • Don’t store your helmet in your trunk between practices. Let it and the liner air out. (Your friends will thank you.) Plus, depending on the construction, temperature extremes can damage your helmet. Learn more about what factors can shorten the lifespan of your roller derby helmet in our Helmet Learning Center.

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