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SixSixOne Helmets

SixSixOne helmets for Downhill, XC and BMX

SixSixOne makes full face mountain biking helmets, lightweight open face helmets for XC, and multi-purpose BMX/skate helmets. SixSixOne helmets we currently have in stock are displayed below. Read more about SixSixOne helmets

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SixSixOne Helmets

SixSixOne helmets fall into one of three main categories: lightweight mountain bike helmets for dirt trails or cross-country; fullface mountain bike helmets for downhill and heavier riding; and multi-purpose helmets for use on both bikes and the skatepark.


SixSixOne develops protection products for mountain biking and BMX, including helmets, boots, gloves, roost deflectors, knee guards, and elbow guards. SixSixOne was developed and is used in competition by top amateur and professional riders around the world. Some SixSixOne helmets and pads utilize the innovative engineered material d30, which is designed to be malleable and soft under normal conditions but to harden upon impact.

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