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Different lengths, great protection

Whether you prefer padded ski pants or ski shorts is a matter of personal preference. Both will help protect your hips, thighs, and tailbone when you fall, and both can act as a base layer to help keep you warm. SportsProtective has a wide selection of protective ski pants and ski shorts, from top brands like Vigilante, Crash Pads, G-Form, Burton and more. Learn more about padded ski pants and ski shorts below...

Padded ski shorts? I thought padded shorts were for cycling

You may not have thought about padded shorts for skiing, but once you've fallen on your backside a few times, you’ll know why we recommend them. A quality pair of padded ski pants or padded ski shorts give you:
  • Butt protection, including tailbone protection so when fall backwards, you'll have protection between your tailbone and the snow/ice/obstacle.
  • Properly designed padded ski pants or ski shorts will also have foam padding over your hip pointer to protect your hip when you fall sideways.
  • Protective ski pants or padded ski shorts are made from breathable fabrics that will help keep you warm while wicking moisture away from your body, so you stay warm and feel dry.

SportsProtective staff picks for ski padded pants

We have several favorites among the wide line of padded ski shorts we carry. We like Vigilante men’s tech padded shorts for their innovative, low-profile design. The half-inch pads are shaped, cut, and designed to move along with your body without bending or crushing, while the breathable, wickable mesh fabric sandwiches the foam padding, moving air and keeping you comfortable.

Other great features of Vigilante tech padded ski shorts:
  • Flexible 3M plastic tailbone shield sandwiched in between foam pads for triple-density tailbone protection
  • Weigh only 8.8 ounces
  • Low-profile, minimalist design
  • 11 pads cover upper quads, hips, glutes, tailbone
  • High-grade breathable, wickable mesh fabric; Quick-Dri gusset
  • Boxer-style waistband; hits mid-thigh
  • Double-stitching for maximum durability
In padded ski pants, we love Crash Pads 2200 padded pants. These full-length padded ski pants are constructed with a moisture-wicking thermal fabric that keeps you toasty on even the coldest days. Crash Pads 2200 make an ideal base layer while providing quality protection.

Other features include:
  • Half-inch and 5/8-inch semi-articulated, thermal-formed, high-density foam protection for your hips, quads, knees, buttocks, and tailbone
  • Four-way stretch, Thermal Powder thermal moisture-wicking fabric for maximum warmth, durability, and comfort
  • Six-panel design that form-designed to fit any anatomy
  • Heavy-duty spandex waistband to ensure waist-tight fit
  • Pad coverage includes tailbone, side hip, side leg, front hip pointer, sits bones (at the very bottom of your butt), and knees/upper shins
Still want to learn more?Check our our Ski Gear Guide Home Page, or our article entitled, How to Choose Ski Padded Shorts.

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No matter your choice of padded shorts or pants for skiing, we stand behind every product we sell and will work together with you to get you the right skiing protection. We offer a great selection—in stock—from brands you trust, and with no hassle returns. Complete your outfit with other ski protective gear, like a ski helmet, knee pads, body armor, gloves and goggles. Whether you’re an experienced skier or about to hit the bunny slope for the first time, we're here to help.