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Ski Knee Pads

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Here's some low cost Freestyle protection for your knees while you're in the park

Traditionally, ski knee injuries were ACL/MCL type injuries do to all mountain crashes and bindings that didn't release. With more and more skiers roaming the terrain park and doing freestyle tricks on, in, or around obstacles, knee impacts have become an area to gear up for. Because when your trick fails and you hit the box or rail, your knee can take a hit and leave you hurting. A slim, low profile pair of knee pads underneath your pants offer a nice layer of protection. With lot's of choices of slim and lightweight knee pads from brands like POC, SixSixOne, Leatt and Troy Lee Designs, we're sure you'll find what you need in our collection of ski knee pads below. You can also learn more about ski knee pads below...

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Why should I wear ski knee pads?

Whether you ski green circle trails, or black diamonds, it's likely that you're going to fall. It's just a matter of which body part will take the brunt of your impact. If you fall on ice, you'll be particularly glad you're wearing knee pads. Most knee pads are unobtrusive, fitting easily underneath snow pants. Don't risk it. Buy a pair of ski knee guards, and enjoy the entire season.

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