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Ski Race Goggles

Ski Race Goggles are an important piece of protective gear for ski racers. Not only do goggles protect the racers' eyes from weather elements, they also offer protection against gate strikes. In fact, many ski clubs and ski racing associations mandate ski race goggles for both racing and training with gates. One key differentiation between race and recreational ski goggles is the lens shape. Ski racing goggles feature a cylindrical lens, or flat vertical lens, versus a spherical, or protruding lens. With the flatter lens shape, the ski race helmet takes the gate impact instead of a protruding goggle lens. Of course, a sturdy, flexible frame is necessary for ski race goggles, as well as robust padding.

At SportsProtective, we carefully select which goggles are best suited for ski racing. In contrast, our Ski Goggle and Snowboard Goggle collections are tailored to recreational use which is why you'll see broader selections there.

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