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Ski Sports Eyewear

Sports Eyewear

Sunglasses With Serious Protection

MORR eye gear uses high quality lenses with excellent clarity and no distortion all the way out to the edges of your peripheral vision. They've earned the Z87 ANSI impact rating which translates to excellent protection from ski poles, tree branches and lift line situations. UV protection is the maximum possible for sunglasses. Great eye safety for both on and off the slopes.  Learn more below...

Ultimate Sunglasses for Skiing

MORR sport sunglasses are designed for tough conditions. MORR gives you always-on visual clarity and protection from the sun (UVA / UVB radiation), scratches, fogging, and high impacts from crashing or loose equipment. MORR sports sunglasses have distortion-free wrap around lenses mounted in super lightweight, non-slip frames. When comparing sports eyewear, you can't miss with the great value MORR offers.

Some models are available with reader lenses. A good pair of sport readers are rare, and they are indispensable for checking your phone or trail map. With the 1.5 or 2.0 diopter placed low on the lens, it stays out of your way while skiing.