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Snowboard Wrist Guards

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Protect your wrists from snowboard wrist injuries

Snowboarding wrist guards reduce your risk of the most common snowboarding injury - wrist fractures. Snowboard wrist guards are an inexpensive piece of snowboard protective gear, and they will usually fit underneath your current snowboard gloves. If you want the best snowboard wrist protection, check out Level snowboard gloves here. Learn more about snowboard wrist guards below...

Snowboard wrist guards are an inexpensive and easy-to-add piece of snowboard protective gear

Wrist injuries are all-too-common to snowboarders, accounting for approximately 40% of all snowboarding injuries. Wrist guards for snowboarding can protect you when you catch a toe side or a heel side edge. We have an instinctive reaction to reach out and break a fall, but that puts your wrists in a dangerous position. Wrist guards for snowboarding have plastic or metal splints to provide extra support and help reduce the risk and severity of injury.

You've probably heard discussions about how snowboarding wrist guards simply transfer the force up your arm and cause forearm breaks. We've studied a lot of data and have seen no evidence to support this claim. The data we've seen show that wrist guards for snowboarding definitely reduce the rate of snowboard wrist injuries.

The best snowboard wrist guards - how do you choose?

"The Best Snowboard Wrist Guards" are ones that you actually wear. Just like snowboard helmets, snowboard wrist protection only works if you wear it. So when customers ask us what are the best snowboard wrist guards, we begin by asking if they already own snowboard gloves.

If you don't already own a pair of snowboard wrist guards, here are some features to look for

  • Plastic or metal splints on the palm and/or back of hand
  • Adjustable straps or stretch material on the sides to hold the guards against your hand
  • Optional pull-on loops to help you get the wrist guards onto your hand
  • Make sure the snowboarding wrist guards are slim enough and your gloves loose enough to accommodate the setup.

For more information about snowboard wrist guards, check this out

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If you have a specific question about protective snowboard wrist protection (or other snowboard protective gear), please call or email us. We're here for you. Spend less time shopping and more time enjoying snowboarding - and life.