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Triple Eight Pads & Padded Shorts | Triple 8

Triple 8 Pads, Padded Shorts, & More: Outfit yourself with Triple 8 skateboard pads and longboard pads from one great brand - Triple Eight

The always popular Triple 8 Bumsaver padded shorts are some of the most popular skateboard protective shorts you can find. But the Bumsavers aren't Triple Eight's only trick. Triple Eight offers a full range of excellent quality skateboard pads, wrist guards, and padded shorts. Top selling skate pads from Triple 8 include the Triple 8 Wristsavers wrist guards, the KP 22 knee pads, and even a roller derby-specific version of the Bumsavers. Read more about Triple 8 pads and gear below.

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More info about Triple 8 Pads

Triple Eight skateboard and longboard pads have emerged as a leader in the skateboard protective gear area. In addition, Triple Eight has extended that wide selection and high quality gear into the longboarding discipline, too.
  • One of Triple Eight more popular pieces of protective gear is the Triple 8 Bumsavers padded shorts. Two style of the Bumsavers are the "traditional" skateboard/snowboard padded shorts that hit mid—to-low thigh. A second version is the roller derby padded short that’s cut a little shorter and has pads placed specifically to protect against the bumps and bruises of roller derby.
  • Triple 8's Roller Derby Bumsavers padded shorts offer great protection and fit at a great price and feature contoured, half-inch foam pads designed to protect your hips, thighs, buttocks, and tailbone. A hard fall on the wrong spot can do more than give your ego; it can bruise your tailbone or strain a tendon or ligament. Triple 8 Bumsaver shorts are designed for moderate to aggressive activity, meaning that they’re a fine choice as protective gear for skateboarders, snowboarders, or inline skaters who are doing more advanced riding. While padded shorts can’t prevent all injuries, they can mitigate the effects of most falls.

About Triple 8 and Its Heritage

Triple Eight began in 1995 as a one-man operation in founder Bobby Oppenheim’s New York apartment. Focused on innovation, style, and superior customer service, Triple Eight has since become one of the leading suppliers of action sports protective gear. Triple Eight products include helmets, wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads, hip protectors, shin guards, long board slide gloves and related accessories for skateboarding, snowboarding, in-line skating ("rollerblading"), biking, wakeboarding, roller derby, and scooter. Triple Eight is also the official protective gear supplier for Camp Woodward (leading global action sports camp), Stoked Mentoring (provides skateboard instruction and gear to inner city youth), and SkatePass (provides gear to public school systems throughout the U.S.).