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Urge Helmets

Urge Helmets: Totally Unique Helmets

Urge Helmets take an innovative approach to design and construction while giving you cutting-edge protection. If you're looking for great bike helmets with stunning designs, look no further than Urge.

Urge Bike Products: Serious Head Protection That Stands Apart

Urge Bike Products is a French company established in 2008. The company is founded on econological principles with a goal of creating better protective products backed by innovative design and sustainable thinking. One look at the big, bold, take-no-prisoners design of an Urge helmet tells you instantly the degree of thought and engineering that went into the creation of each model. Much of Urge Bike Products’ research and development has been undertaken by cyclist Fabien Barel. With two World Downhill Championship titles and six French Downhill Championship titles to his credit, Fabien Barel is one of the most decorated athletes in mountain biking. Fabien, along with his Mondraker teammates Damien Spagnolo and Aurielien Giordanengo, and Paul Walton, a mechanical engineer and manager of the Mondraker Factory Team, do all of the R&D on the mountain bike equipment they use. This includes the R&D for their head protection. Fabien, Damien, and Aurielien have put each of the Urge helmet models through their paces to make sure these helmets are worthy of their world-class status. Fabien Barel’s work with Urge Bike Products has led to the creation of some fabulous protective headgear.

Urge Bike Helmets: Good for Your Head, Good for the Planet

Urge Bikes Products works to make sure that it's helmets are great-looking, lightweight, comfortable, adn able to protect you against the worst conditions. In addition to these standards, Urge wants its products to be manufactured with minimal waste and the least polluting materials possible. For instance, all of its helmets are packed in raw carboard boxes with minimum plastic bag use. Some helmets, such as the Urge Archie-Enduro Fullface Helmet, feature a linen-fiberglass composite shell, or recycled PET straps and a protective inner liner made from recycled EPS foam, like the Urge Activist helmet. Urge helmets: stay safe, look great, and help the planet. Sounds like a win-win-win to us.