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Women's Ski / Snowboard Helmets

Looking for a women's ski helmet or snowboard helmet?

In the past, it was hard to find a women's snow helmet that wasn't simply a "pinked up" unisex helmet. The fit was too big, and while large youth sizes fit better, they had kids oriented graphics like daisies or skeletons. If a helmet did have a women's specific design, it frequently lacked some of the high-tech features of a unisex helmet. ("Shrink it and pink it" was the industry parlance for designing women's ski and snowboard helmets). Fortunately, helmet manufacturers have clearly gotten the message that women skiers and boarders demand high performance protection and leading edge features. So today, female skiers now have a great selection of women's ski helmets and women's snowboard helmets to choose from.

What's the difference between a ski helmet specifically designed for women and a "regular" ski helmet?

Other than a smaller average size, there is no significant difference in the skull shape between women's and men's heads. So, the differences you'll find in today's "women's ski helmets" are almost entirely aesthetic. The shape, protective technology, and basic features of a women's ski helmet are now identical to those marketed as unisex ski helmets. However, women's helmets may also add more enhanced graphic treatments and/or subtle details around fit/finish/comfort, like fleece covering on ear flaps. The technology, weight, venting, and fit systems, however, match the best available on the market. Check out the selection of women's snowboard helmets and ski helmets below. No compromises!

Will a women’s ski helmet fit me better than a unisex ski helmet?

That’s a difficult question to answer definitively. In general, if you have a smaller-sized head, a ski helmet for women will probably fit you well. But remember that there are plenty of ski helmets for women that aren’t marketed as such. Be sure to measure your head and check helmet sizing carefully before you purchase your ski helmet. Find the ski helmet with the features and look you want then find your proper size.