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About Us

We are protective gear outfitters

People who know us generally fall into two camps; some think we're crazy, others say we're not crazy enough. It mostly depends on who we're riding, skiing or snowboarding with. Some push their limits further than others based on the principle, "If you're not falling, you're not learning." 

At the trailhead or mountaintop, how you feel about what you’re about to do is influenced by your skills and past experiences. What's pushing your heart rate? Anxiety? Anticipation? Confidence? Competitiveness?
    Do you ask, "Will I make it?
    Am I crazy?"
    Or do you say, "Can I go smoother, faster or higher than last time?
    Am I crazy enough?"

INSPIRATION - Gravity sports turns us into seekers. We keep coming back, craving that feeling, pushing the limits of our ability, doing a reset on our personal best. The last thing we want is something that holds us back or stops us completely. That's the inspiration behind

We built one single place you can go for everything you need. We've handpicked the best gear and grouped it by ability level (flowered helmets over here, full face MIPS over there). Or if you already know what you want, we've made it quick and easy to find it. We also added helpful advice and some personal experiences to help you make good choices. Ultimately, when we couldn't find a store like this, we built one.    



Three guys who got the wheels turning for SportsProtective

CLARK ORR - The Chairman...

Clark Orr - SportsProtective

JIM BARTLETT - The guy who started it all...

Jim Bartlett - SportsProtective

JOHN CERMENARO - The detail guy...

John Cermenaro - SportsProtective



GOOD OFFENSE - When you're outfitted with well made, purpose-driven protective gear that fits right, it makes you more capable. It empowers you to do more and create experiences worth talking about. What we do on the mountain isn't work, it's pleasure. It's gratification. It's a sense of accomplishment.

GOOD DEFENSE - Like mom said, "It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt." Action sports is how you want to spend your free time (which there is never enough of), so getting sidelined by an injury is unacceptable. Wearing protective gear is not optional. If you think it is, come see us when something has changed your mind.  



Trust us, we got this. Specializing in protective gear is what we do, and we've been doing it longer than anyone else. We pioneered the idea of a store devoted solely to sports protection back in 2005. Our 80,000 customers have proven the ongoing need for a team that can find the best products for bike and snow sports, then back it up with knowledgeable and supportive customer service.  



Our parent company is ORR Corporation whose mission is to protect people, property and the environment. ORR is privately held, family owned, and has been in the safety equipment business since 1948. ORR supplies all of the occupational safety equipment needs of America's greatest transportation, manufacturing and construction businesses. The wealth of knowledge and resources available to SportsProtective is like nothing the sporting goods industry has ever seen. We will continue to bring you the best products, the best information about how to prevent injury, and the best customer service that you will find anywhere. While ORR offers protection for the workplace, we offer protection for the things you love to do AFTER work.

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