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Helmet Gear Guides: All About Helmets

What do you want to know about helmets?

The cornerstone of any protective gear set-up is a good helmet. Chances are you have a helmet (or two or three) at home. We've developed this Helmet Gear Guide to help new and experienced skiers, skaters, and bikers alike learn about:

Are you looking for tips on how to choose a helmet for a specific sport? 

Whether you're shopping for a BMX bicycle helmet or a snowboard helmet, it's important to have the proper fit and the correct level of protection for your brain. Are you a novice or a professional? Do you need a helmet that can protect against multiple impacts? How much head coverage is necessary for your sport and level of expertise? The staff at XSportsProtective wants you to find the right helmet for the sport(s!) you love. That's why we've written articles to educate you about each category of helmet we sell. Check out:  

What about safety standards?

Depending on your sport, your helmet may meet various safety standards. For instance, all bicycle helmets sold in the United States MUST meet the US CPSC safety standard. Not so with skateboard helmets, or ski / snowboard helmets. Plus, do you know what's entailed to achieve these standards? Why do some skateboard helmets meet the ASTM F1492 safety standard, while others do not? And, perhaps most importantly, what does it mean to you? We cover the basics of helmet safety standards in our review, Helmet Safety Standards Guide. For more specific information on safety standards for sport specific helmets, check our our articles:

How do you find the right helmet size?


How long will your helmet last?

In our "When to Replace Your Helmet" articles, you'll learn how your helmet is constructed, and what makes a helmet lose its integrity over time. Of course, after every impact you'll need to carefully inspect your helmet for damage. A compromised helmet is not a safe helmet. You can read general articles, When to Replace Your Helmet and  How to Inspect Your  Helmet, or more sport-specific articles on replacing your helmet:

Are you shopping for a child?

Other helpful links...

Below are articles relating to helmets of differing sports that we thought you might find interesting in your quest to learn all about helmets. Let us know if there are other topics you'd like to cover by responding on our blog.