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Anon Helmets & Goggles, and Burton Protective Gear

Anon Helmets,Goggles, and Burton Protective Gear - Where Performance and Aesthetics Come Together

You probably recognize the Anon name - for years Anon has made top quality snowboard goggles and is part of the Burton family of brands. For 2014, Burton decided to retire the "R.E.D." name and instead move all the Burton made snowboard helmets under the Anon brand. The move makes sense, as Burton has pushed the "helmet / goggle integration" concept and having both the goggles and helmets under one brand helps the cause. If you're a fan of RED helmets, don't worry! The same helmet designs and technology have come forward into the Anon snowboard helmets, so shop the selection below with comfort...

Anon Snowboard Helmets and Anon Goggles

Anon Optics was founded by Burton Snowboards in 2001 and functions as a "brand within a brand" specialty gear. Anon designs and manufactures ski and snowboard goggles, helmets, goggle lenses, and beanies. Anon goggles provide optimal vision for every winter weather condition. From progressive design concepts to technical executions, the company ensures that every goggle meets the demands of the top snowboarders in the world. Anon is a leader in elevated performance and aesthetics, ski and snowboard goggle technology, and goggle-helmet integration. Burton, its parent company, was was one of the first snowboard manufacturers in the world and now offers a full line of snowboards, snowboarding gear, and related accessories.