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Great Choices of BMX Helmets - because it’s better to crack your helmet than your skull. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a can-can or your first bunnyhop, practicing air tricks or grinds means falling. It just makes sense to throw on a lid to protect your brain. SportsProtective has a huge selection of BMX helmets for every discipline from full-face BMX helmets for dirt racing and vert riding to open-face BMX helmets for street riding. Learn more about BMX helmets below...  Have a kid who’s into BMX? Be sure to check out our Kids BMX Gear to find our collection of kids BMX helmets.

What kind of BMX helmet do I need?

BMX helmets come in two basic designs: full-face BMX helmets and open-face BMX helmets. As with any sport, the type of helmet you need depends on what you’re going to be doing. If you're doing flatland—just riding in the street or driveway, an open-faced BMX helmet will probably give you sufficient protection. If you’re doing BMX racing, dirt jumping, or vert , you’ll need the additional protection of a full-face BMX helmet.

Some things to remember about your BMX bike helmet

  • Make sure your BMX helmet fits properly. A helmet that is too loose or too tight can do more harm than good.
  • Measure your head and then select the BMX helmet that is ideally sized for you
  • Consider a BMX helmet with an adjustable fit system, so you can tailor the fit of your helmet
  • Choose a BMX helmet with adjustable straps and a secure buckle

Thinking about wearing a non-rated BMX helmet?
Watch this video first...

Once you've chosen a BMX helmet, it's a good idea to inspect it periodically to make sure the helmet is in good shape. Even if the helmet hasn't sustained a major hard impact, temperature extremes or exposure to common chemicals such as those found in sunscreen can damage your helmet. You can learn how to inspect your BMX helmet and more about what factors can shorten the lifespan of BMX helmets in our Helmet Learning Center.

SportsProtective staff picks for BMX helmets

One of our favorite full face BMX helmets is the Bell Sanction Helmet. Meeting the ASTM safety standard for BMX, the fiberglass shell houses an EPS foam liner, plenty of vents, and an upgraded, inner comfort liner. Add technology and safety options, and what's not to like?

In open-face BMX helmets, you can't go wrong with the Fox Transition helmet. The Fox Transition has a great "new but classic" styling for the sick skate look wrapped up in a high-impact ABS exterior shell and an EPS inner liner. You'll look good and stay safe.

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No matter your choice of helmet for BMX biking, we stand behind every product we sell and will work together with you to get you the right protection. We offer a great selection - in stock - from brands you trust, and with no hassle returns. Complete your outfit with other BMX protective gear, like elbow pads, padded shorts, neck brace, knee pads, and gloves. Whether you’re an experienced racer or about to hit the pedals for the first time, we're here to help.