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Helmets for Extra Large Heads

Need a helmet for your...ahem...extra large head? Bicycle, skateboard, ski - find an XL helmet that will work for you.

Is it too much to ask for an extra large helmet that both fits well and doesn't perch on top of your head like the dome on the U.S. Capitol Building? We've gathered our XL, XXL, and XXL helmets in one place to make it easier for you to find the right lid for you. 

How big is big, anyway? What size is an extra large helmet...

If you have a head circumference above 61 cm or wear a hat size above 7 3/4, you'll need an XL helmet. The good news is that helmet manufacturers are making more and more helmet options for larger-sized heads. More XL helmets from which to choose gives you a better chance of finding an extra large helmet that fits you comfortably and looks good on your head.

What XL helmets and XXL helmets are out there?

There are some great XL and XXL bike, ski, and skate helmets on the market, and there's a wider selection offered nearly every season. Click on your sport below to shop our selection of Extra Large Bike Helmets, Extra Large Ski Helmets, or Extra Large Skate Helmets to find the right lid for you. 

As the action sports market has evolved, so has the choice of helmet sizes and styles available. You can now find helmets that range in size from tiny bike helmets for babies to skate helmets for toddlers to XXL helmets for a range of sports. What exactly makes an extra large helmet extra large? In general, helmet sizing looks like this:
  • Small size helmets are typically those 53 cm and smaller (6 5/8 hat size)
  • Medium size helmets are generally 54-56 cm (6 3/4 hat size)
  • Large size helmets are generally 57-60 cm (7 1/4 hat size)
  • Extra large helmets are typically those 61 cm and above (7 3/4 hat size and above)

How do you make an XL bicycle / skate/ snow helmet fit properly?

One of the problems many people encounter with an extra large helmet is how it sits on their head. Often, an XL helmet perches on top of your head, leaving the sides relatively unprotected and making you feel that you're wearing a huge dome on your head. As with all heads, bigger heads come in different shapes (round vs oval). Different brands can have different fits to them. For example, if you've worn Giro before and the helmet fit well, stick with Giro. Definitely look for a helmet that has a fit system inside of it. Although it may not always be right, having a fit system definitely makes it much liklier that you can tailor the fit of the helmet to your specific head shape.

Extra large helmet size chart

CM Inch Hat Size
60 23 5/8 7 1/2
61 24 7 5/8
62 24 3/8 7 3/4
63 24 3/4 7 7/8
64 25 3/8 8 1/8
65 25 3/4 8 1/4

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