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How to Choose: Snowboard Gloves & Snowboard Wrist Guards

Why Wear Snowboard Wrist Protection at All?

Forwards and backwards falls occur more frequently in snowboarding than skiing because the sport dictates that one or both feet be attached to the board without any type of quick or automatic release mechanism. We’ll let the numbers tell the story:

  • 40% of all snowboard injuries are to the wrists
  • 24% of all snowboard injuries are wrist fractures.
When your feet are locked into your snowboard and you lose your balance, you’re going to fall either forwards or backwards. Think about what happens when you fall: you instinctively reach out your arms and hands to catch yourself. Very often, you break your fall by breaking your wrist. Snowboarding gloves with wrist guards help protect your wrists from injury. And the best part is, when you have a pair of snowboard gloves with built-in wrist guards, you’ll never have to worry about misplacing your wrist guards again.


How Do Snowboard Gloves with Wrist Guards Work?

A good pair of protective snowboard gloves has a built-in wrist guard to you’re your protection and support. SportsProtective carries a full line of Level protective snowboarding gloves. All Level snowboard gloves feature BioMex wrist guards, which have been shown to reduce the likelihood of a snowboard wrist injury by 7.5 times. The Biomex wrist guard is flexible, shock reducing, and ergonomically designed. It is made from high-density rubberized plastic with a split "swallow-tail" wrist support that, upon impact, flexes to disperse the blunt force from a fall. The BioMex wrist guard also has a central pivot system at the base of the palm, so that you can position the two-piece guard in whichever way is most comfortable for you.

What Type of Snowboard Wrist Protection Do You Need?



Snowboard Protective Gloves and Mittens

  • Snowboard protective gloves and mittens offer comprehensive wrist protection with the protective wrist guard built specifically for use with the glove

  • Because the wrist guard is integrated with the glove, you don't have to worry about fitting your gloves with a separate wrist guard

  • Some models of protective gloves allow you to remove the wrist guard so you can decide whether you want to wear it or not

  • Level Protective Gloves (which many of us at XSP wear and highly recommend) have a patented Bio-Mex Wrist guard system that addresses the many types of joint rotation that could possibly fracture your wrist.

    Check out the video below for the rundown on why Bio-Mex guards are so protective.

Snowboard Protective Wrist Guards

  • Snowboard wrist guards are a great option if you already have a pair of snow gloves or mittens you love

  • Most snowboard mittens are slim and soft, so they can easily slip inside of a pair of snow gloves that you already have

  • Under-glove wrist protectors usually have a semi-flexible splint or batten on the palm side and/or top side of your wrist to support your joint in case of a fall

  • Snowboard wrist guards can be sold as a pair OR separately if you only have one wrist that needs the extra support

  • Snowboard wrist guards tend to be more budget friendly

  • We offer a range of snowboard wrist guards from many different brands such as Triple Eight, ProTec and Burton.

  • Wrist guards for other sports, like skateboarding or inline skating may also work as under-glove wrist protection, provided they are not too bulky to fit comfortably underneath your snow gloves

Video Describing the Protective Features of Level Snowboarding Gloves

Prices for Snowboard Wrist Protection Vary and Depend on Extra Features

Under-glove Snowboard Wrist Guards

The snowboard wrist guards that we sell at XSportsProtective mostly range from $10 to $60 in price. These guards are soft and slim and come with a metal or plastic splint on the front, back or both sides of your wrist. The difference in price can be attributed to the material of the splint and the durability of the upper material (usually a canvas or nylon). Most of these snowboard-specific wrist guards are water-resistant as well.

Snowboard Gloves and Mittens

We highly recommend purchasing a pair of Level Protective Snowboarding Gloves & Mittens, which offer a variety of features at different price points. All Level Gloves intended for snowboarding have a removable and ergonomically formed BioMex wrist guard that protects in case of a crash or hard fall. Along with this piece of techie-protective gear, different models of Level Gloves include a wide range of extra features that influence their price:

  • BioMex Plus dual density snowboard wrist guards for unsurpassed protection from wrist injury
  • Waterproof Gore-tex XCR insulated shell
  • Removable Polartec fleece liners for warmth without the weight
  • Leather-coated, hard plastic knuckle guard for protection and support
  • Rubberized Kevlar-reinforced palms and finger tips for sure grip and toughness
  • Box-style fingertip construction for good circulation and warmth
  • Gauntlet-style over-the-coat fit with cinchable powder cuffs to keep out the snow
  • Plush windstopper nose wipe fabric on right thumb for the obligatory wipe of the nose
  • Goggle cleaner on the right index finger to regain your vision in the worst of weather
  • Air exchanger system on the tops of middle and ring fingers to release moisture
  • Adjustable storm leash to keep your gloves attached to you when not in us

Do You Want Snowboard Gloves or Mittens?

Level Snowboard Gloves and Mittens offer the same Bio-Mex wrist guard with the same amount of wrist protection, so whether you choose gloves or mittens is your own personal preference.

  • Mittens have the reputation of being warmer because your fingers are together, which increases warmth
  • The fingers on Level snowboard gloves have a box construction, which reduces constriction and increases blood-flow and warmth
  • Most models (both Level gloves and mittens) feature a breathable vent to release extra moisture
  • Gloves can make it easier to maneuver around bindings, zippers, clips, and buckles
  • The quality of an individual glove or mitten is more indicative of its ability to keep you warm

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