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Kids BMX Gear

What kind of kids BMX safety gear is most important?

Shop Kids BMX Gear at our new store just for parents! By far, the most important piece of BMX gear for kids (or adults) is a properly fitted kids’ BMX helmet. Beyond that, the type and style of kids BMX gear depends upon what kind of riding your child is doing. If he or she is a budding dirt racer, then a full-face BMX helmet for kids is a must. If your child likes doing stunts on the street or in the skatepark, you'll probably want to go with an open-face BMX helmet for kids. If your child is just getting started, you may not want to invest in professional-grade BMX pads until you’re sure your kid is going to stick with it, but BMX protection for kids is still essential. Click on the links below for more information on kids’ BMX helmets, kids’ BMX gloves, and other BMX gear for kids. In order of priority, the most important pieces of youth BMX gear are shown below:


BMX Protective Gear for Kids? Is it really necessary

BMX riding is a great activity for kids. As an individual sport, it teaches independence and self-reliance. At the same time, BMX riders are a tight-knit community who teach and inspire each other to learn new tricks and reach new skill levels. Whether your child is into BMX racing, street and stunt riding, dirt or vert, he or she needs kids’ BMX protective gear. According to the Skatepark Association of the USA, there are one million freestyle bikers in the United States, and hundreds of thousands of kids and teenagers participate in BMX racing. If your child is one of them, make sure he or she rides safely with quality BMX gear.

According to American Family Physician (AFP), the journal of the American Academy of Family Physicians, 6.3 percent of BMX riders in competition sustain injuries. AFP also lists a number of risk factors for bicycle-related injuries (not just BMX). At the top of the list are: cyclist is male and cyclist is 9 to 14 years of age. If you have a son, grandson, or nephew this age, this probably isn’t surprising. Kids like to push their limits and try new things. The best thing you can do to support your child as a BMX rider is to make sure he or she has the proper kids BMX gear in order to ride safely and confidently.