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Level Snowboarding Gloves / BioMex Wrist Protection System

Level - an innovator in high performance, high quality, and top selling snowboard protective gloves

Level GlovesSnowboard gloves have seen many significant improvements over the years, including outer layer materials, interior liner materials, new colors, and new features. One of most important advances to come to the snowboard glove market is the integration of high quality wrist protection into the glove design. Level snowboard gloves with the integrated BioMex wrist protection system may be the most innovative protective snowboarding gloves on the market. Because wrist injuries are the most frequent snowboard injury (around 40% of all snowboard injuries are to the wrist), wrist protection is the second priority on our recommended list of snowboard protective gear. You can wear inexpensive underglove wrist guards, but we strongly recommend Level's protective snowboard glove line.


What is the BioMex wrist protection system?

Built right into the gloves, the Biomex wrist guard was designed by physicians and professional snowboarders specifically for the needs of snowboarders. Watch this 5 minute video for an excellent summary of snowboard wrist injuries and Level's Biomex wrist protection system...

The "Swallow Tail" design of the wrist guard (see video above) provides better comfort and support for your wrist. The BioMex guards are the result of an extensive, ongoing collaboration between snowboarders, the medical community, and bio-mechanical engineers. A four-year study conducted by the St. Moritz (Switzerland) Orthopaedic Hospital involving more than 40,000 snowboard hours and more than 2,400 participants showed that snowboarders who wear conventional snowboard wrist guards are 4.5 times less likely to suffer wrist injuries over those who don’t wear wrist guards. Field testing by Klinik Gut, Center for Bone and Joint Surgery, showed that the Biomex wrist protection system reduces the risk of snowboarding wrist injuries by 7.5 times. The Biomex wrist guard is flexible, shock reducing, and ergonomically designed. It is made from high-density rubberized plastic with a split "swallow-tail" wrist support that, upon impact, flexes to disperse the blunt force from a fall. The BioMex wrist guard also has a central pivot system at the base of the palm, so that you can position the two-piece guard in whichever way is most comfortable for you. Level Super Pipe snowboarding gloves and Level Half-Pipe snowboarding gloves also feature dual-density BioMex wrist guards, offering even more wrist support and protection when you fall.


More Info on Level's BioMex Snowboard Wrist Protection System

The three graphics below help describe forces involved in a snowboard crash, how the Level BioMex guards help protect you from injury, and finally some features of the BioMex wrist guard itself.

Why is Level's BioMex Better than Traditional Wrist Guards


Level snowboarding gloves can address the need for wrist protection. You, of course, have to address the "riding within your limits" thing

But armed with Level snowboarding gloves, you can learn and experiment with more confidence. Plus, you'll look good, and your hands and wrists will thank you. Safer snowboarding comes from wearing proper snowboard protective gear, and riding within your limits

Level Super Pipe Gloves

Protect your wrists, upgrade your gear, and ride with confidence - get a pair of Level BioMex snowboarding gloves

Level Gloves, based in the mountains of Italy, is dedicated to making the world’s best winter hand wear for the most discriminating snowboarders and skiers. Level gloves deliver maximum warmth, dryness, durability, and protection. Level's unmistakable designs and unique technical features, are inspired and tested by some of the world's top snowboarders and skiers including Olympic snowboarding silver medalist, Gretchen Bleiler, and World Cup skiing champion, Aksel Svindal. Level's unique technology includes the best selling Biomex Wrist Guard System, proven to significantly reduce the risk of wrist injuries while snowboarding, and Kevlar reinforced finger and palm constructions for exceptional durability. With its vast of array of insulations and waterproofing technologies, you can count on Level to keep you warm and dry, in even the harshest climates and coldest weather. Around since 1998, Level SpA is an Italian firm that specializes in gloves for winter sports. Level "firsts" include:
  • Snowboard specific gloves (1988)
  • Removable liner system for snowboard gloves (1988)
  • Protection technology for snowboard gloves (1992)
  • "Breathable System" to help keep gloves dry (1994)
  • Kevlar reinforced construction (1999)
  • Backcountry concept: snowboard-ski gloves for mountaineering use (2001)
  • Printed silicone palms (2001)
  • Reflex stimulator system (Kirax) (2002)
  • "Overgloves" as a new market segment (2005)

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