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Mountain Bike Protective Gear

Whether you’re riding cross country, downhill, all-mountain, freeride or dirt jumping, mountain bike protective gear helps keep you safe and gives you confidence. At a minimum, every rider should have this mountain biking protective gear: a mountain bike helmet, mountain biking gloves, and padded bike shorts. Why take the chance on a cycling injury? Assemble a complete outfit from our selection of MTB safety gear from brands you trust. Our collections include GiroFox Racing, 7iDP, Leatt, Crash Pads, and 100%. Scroll down for more about mountain bike protective gear.

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How do you find out if something's good or not?  Ask someone you ride with?  Read magazines or blogs?  Google it?  Go to stores?  Go to events?  We're doing all that. It takes a lot of time, but it's worth it. All of the information and experience we're gathering from multiple sources pours into our Gear Guide and Tech Talk articles right here on  We do this so you don't waste your money choosing a product that doesn't suit your ability or your type of riding.

Mountain biking can take you down many paths; downhill, single track, cross country, trails, all-mountain, trials, freeride, dirt jumping, and so on. Obviously, how you outfit yourself for protection and comfort will vary. Save yourself some time and click through the resources we're collecting here, then make an informed decision. It's the difference between spending and investing. 


What protective gear do I really need for mountain biking?

Nothing focuses your attention on protecting a certain part of your body more than injuring it. Tore up your knee? How about those knee pads. Hit a tree, broke a rib? Body armor starts to sound attractive. But if you asked us where to start, our recommendation would be coverage for your head, hands and hips.

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And...depending on what type of riding you do and/or your tolerance for risk, you should also consider:

Mountain Bike Neck Braces
Mountain Bike Body Armor
Mountain Bike Elbow Pads
Mountain Bike Wrist Protection
Mountain Bike Knee Pads
Mountain Bike Shin Guards

Do downhill mountain biking or dirt jumping?  You should have all of the above and regularly replace the pieces you destroy.
Look here for How To Choose


Important Information About Helmets

How to Inspect Your Bike Helmet

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CPSC Bicycle Helmet Standards Explained

Extra Large Bicycle Helmets


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